Ferris encourages diversity in RSOs

Ferris puts on a campuswide Diversity and Inclusion Summit

CLACS hosted an event to show the importance of diversity and inclusion through student organizations.

The event was led by multiple departments on campus including the Academic Advising office, LGBTQ+ Center, Center for Latin Studies and the Office of Multicultural Student Services.

“Diversity allows people who may have grown up differently to spread their different knowledge/experiences,” Ben Keller, a sophomore in the Product Design Engineering program said. “It creates learning opportunities that may have never been there without diversity.”

The summit was put on to show that acceptance has no boundaries. Students were given a look at why acceptance is important throughout life. Students who attended the event were treated to breakout sessions throughout the event as well as a panel of questions following the summit.

“Diversity and Inclusion in RSO’s, classes, the work place, and just your everyday life is and will always continue to be important,” Noelle Kraus, a student who works for the CLACS office and coordinated the summit said. “When you are open to diversity and inclusive to all you are working to foster a more creative and innovative team, overall leading to greater efficiency and success.”

Diversity in everyday life is important and the event was focused on giving students unique information about the topic. Students were able to get a look at the supportive resources Ferris has to offer as well as being able to make a change in not only their life, but others as well.

“At the heart of diversity and inclusion is understanding and respect of differences,” Angela Roman, Director of the CLACS office said. “Every group, including student organizations, will have diverse membership therefore being mindful, participating in ongoing learning, and practicing work with a diverse group of people is essential to group success.”

Student organizations all around the Ferris campus are diverse and working on how to build up their organization to make a change.

“I do believe Ferris has diversity throughout RSO’s. In one of my RSO’s, Fitdawgs, we have a wide variety of different backgrounds and cultures of people which can help bring a lot to the table,” Kenneth Smith, a student in the Pre-Physical Therapy program and member of Fitdawgs RSO said.

Ferris is taking steps to better their faculty, staff and students through informational events. The CLACS office of Ferris intends to make the Diversity and Inclusion Summit an annual event on campus.

Students who participated in the Diversity and Inclusion Summit were treated to a raffle of several different prizes at the end of the event.

For more information about the event, visit the CLACS office located in the University Center or contact the Diversity and Inclusion office located in the Timme Center.