Preparing for the future

Learn about the resources available on campus

Preparing to enter the real world can be something that many students might not feel ready for, but theCLACS office has resources that many are unaware of.

Coordinator of Career and Volunteer center, Michele Albright specializes in helping students learn the necessary skills for when they graduate.

“I work with students to explore career options, understand workforce trends, engage in activities to enhance employability skills, and to market themselves appropriately for internship and fulltime career opportunities.” Albright said.

Depending on the career field you enter brushing up on your professional skills might need to come earlier than others. Many students begin doing so by building up a LinkedIn account. A program that is similar to LinkedIn that is encouraged to use by Ferris is Handshake. Handshake is a platform that allows you to explore job and internships from employers looking to hire Ferris students.

Another program offered by CLACS is Resume Worded, an AI system that analyzes your resume and helps to tailor it to a specific job. Typically, one would need to pay for this site but as a Ferris student, one can access this program for free.

Another program that one would typically pay for but is provided for free for students is Big Interview. Big Interview is a software program that provides online interview practice and lessons.

With Big Interview students are able to practice all the questions potential employers may ask them and practice their skill set. Students do so by recording themselves and being able to see how they perform in different situations. Big Interview as well has different modules set in place for a variety of different industries, with mock interviews asking questions that are specific to those fields.

Programs aren’t the only way for one to better their skills, the CLACS office as well has held various workshops in the fall and spring semesters to help teach students valuable skills that can help them, like learning to negotiate salaries for example.

The First Lady’s Attic is as well a resource that some may be unaware of. Once per year students are able to keep one outfit. The First Lady’s Attic is most popular during the Career and Internship fair.

Ferris hospitality sophomore Katie Bittner was unfamiliar with the services that CLACS provides but still receives information through her program.

“The hospitality program has an internship week every spring. They set up a LinkedIn workshop as well as a resume and portfolio workshop. The advisors invite company representatives to come speak to us and set up interviews to practice or get an internship. This event helps the students a lot with their professional development.” Bittner said.

Although Bittner has never used the CLACS office as a resource she thinks it’s really beneficial to students who do.

“I feel like professional development skills are an important thing to be taught because some college students might not know what they are doing after college or who they need to reach out to,” Bittner said. Knowing how to brand yourself and what you want a company to have for you is important when looking for a job.”

If students are interested in learning more about the services CLACS provides they can visit the CLACS office or send Michele Albright an email at