Class is back in session

Ferris announces plans for the continuation of face-to-face classes for the fall

After finishing off the spring semester online, Ferris announced that they are preparing to resume face-to-face classes for the Fall semester.

During a virtual town hall meeting held Tuesday, May 12, President David Eisler discussed the topic and the plan the university had to continue.

This plan has been formed by a committee led by Vice President for Student Affairs Jeanine Ward-Roof.

“The committee is reviewing a number of factors to be implemented to ensure a safe welcome back to campus for students,” said Ward-Roof. “This includes reviewing classroom utilization, strengthening cleaning protocols, implementing social distancing measures and sharing COVID-19-related education throughout the University community.”

Ferris psychology freshman Elias Barrios was happy to hear the news that classes would resume.

“Personally, I’m excited because online classes were not something that I was used to and at the time I had to teach myself the lessons, which was not easy,” Barrios said.

After facing such an abrupt change many wonder whether things will go back to being the way they used to be, or if COVID-19 will be something that leaves a lasting impression on people’s behavior. Barrios believes that both approaches will be seen.

“I definitely think there will be some people who will be more cautious. I wouldn’t be surprised to see people continuing to wear masks around campus,” Barrios said. “There will also probably be people who won’t care because they’ll see the virus as just another ‘sickness’ that will eventually go away.”

If students are more skeptical to returning to in-person classes, or found that they enjoyed taking online classes, Eisler said that online classes remain an option in case conditions worsen or even if students prefer them.

“The University has developed plans to move back to remote delivery should conditions require it,” Eisler stated. “We are also developing online learning opportunities for students who may desire them and remote instructional accommodations for faculty who may be in high risk categories.”

Classes for the Fall semester begin Monday, Aug. 31. Summer classes will conduct online and the registration for these classes has been extended until Friday, May 22.