Big changes ahead for Bulldogs

How students and faculty feel about the transitions

Changes to the fall semester are causing students and faculty members to reshape their lifestyles both on and off campus.

Over the summer, Ferris announced its plans for reopening in the fall. In-person classes will resume on August 31, 2020, implementing necessary safety precautions such as wearing masks and social distancing. Though some classes will take place on campus, many courses will continue to be delivered remotely.

Ferris Computer Information Systems sophomore, Dakota Gray is taking both in-person and online classes this semester and will be living on campus for the year.

“I believe this semester will be like any other semester for me,” said Gray. “However, I am slightly worried about cleaning my dorm, volunteering, class contact, classroom cleanliness, and RSO functionality.”

As a student living on campus, Gray changed his plans for moving into the dorms.

“I’m packing less for faster transport, but more cleaning supplies so I can keep myself, my dorm, and others safe,” said Gray. “I’m also collecting face masks so I can let the virus die off of the used ones.”

Although classes will function differently, students and faculty members understand why the changes are necessary.

“Under the circumstances, I feel that the delivery methods that the university has implemented are in the best interest of everyone,” said Ferris Faculty Academic Advisor Timberly Boezwinkle.

Students and professors alike have readjusted their normal routines to better adapt to their new course styles. Boezwinkle wanted to be highly accessible to her students this semester, so she has planned to be flexible with her office hours. She also created a home office to help adjust to the different working environment.

“I, as have many, have worked very hard this semester to ensure Ferris students will have a positive educational experience this fall,” said Boezwinkle.

While people recognized Ferris’ new plans for the fall, there is still concern for how the semester will go. Some students and professors felt ready to return to class, given the changes, but some were hesitant. Gray was one student who did not feel completely ready for the upcoming semester.

“I’m worried about how I should pack, how to keep in touch with classes, how RSOs will work this semester (in addition to volunteering), and a plan for how the typical week will work out,” said Gray.

Boezwinkle is an advisor for two on campus RSOs and was unsure how participation within each group would be affected by the changes to the semester. Despite these uncertainties, Boezwinkle felt prepared for the new and different semester to begin.

“We all must play our part,” said Boezwinkle. “We are all responsible for, and need to care for one another.”