Check yourself

Is the symptom checker enough?

As part of a preventative measure to help combat the spread of COVID-19 Ferris has implemented a daily symptom checker to track the well-being of students.

Located on MyFSU, students can log on every day to report how they’re feeling. Ferris is encouraging every student, staff and faculty member to complete the symptom checker before coming onto campus.

Ferris applied sciences and engineering freshman Cameron Needham has been one of the students completing the symptom checker every day before he leaves his dorm. Needham talked about how he liked being able to keep himself accountable and how simple the process was.

“I like how you can check how you’re feeling from the safety of your dorm without potentially spreading anything to other students,” said Needham.

Ferris business administration sophomore Kenneth Smith currently has two in person classes, and on top of his classes he works at the admissions office as a student worker and has been filling out the symptom checker regularly.

Smith expressed that even though it might not stop a student from coming to campus if they feel sick it might make them second guess their decision and question whether they should go out. Aside from that, Smith believes the precautions that Ferris has taken have been relatively good, especially when compared to other schools who have had surges of cases.

“I don’t think there is much more they can do to help prevent the spread on campus, Smith said. “They have followed all CDC guidelines and implemented all rules they have put forth.”

Along with the symptom checker, every student living on campus was required to take a COVID-19 test at check-in. After taking the test students later received an email if they tested negative or a phone call if they tested positive.

Every Thursday, Ferris will be updating its website to show how many students have tested positive for COVID-19. As of Aug. 31, there have only been 19 reported positive cases at the Big Rapids Campus.

Some students wish Ferris was doing more than just this, though. Ferris pre-pharmacy freshman Trinity Otting was one of these students.

“I honestly I think everyone should’ve been tested, especially the people who are going to be living off campus because they’re the ones going to the most places and are more at risk,” said Otting.

Otting says she has been completing the daily symptom checker to the best of her ability but will admit that there are times when she forgets to do it. Otting also believes that it’s not a sure-fire way to guarantee that students will stay home.

“I know that there are some students who are going to lie about it because they don’t want to get in trouble or because they just don’t feel like quarantining,” Otting said.

When filling out the form, the symptom checker will begin by asking students: Whether you’ve been in close contact within the last 14 days of someone confirmed with COVID-19 If you have experienced at least two of the common symptoms related to COVID-19

Based on the answers given from these two, the checker will begin to ask more in-depth questions and recommend whether students should stay home or are safe to go to campus.

All reports sent through the symptom checker are anonymous and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or an official diagnosis.

If students start to experience any symptoms of COVID-19 they can set up an appointment with the Birkham Health Center through the Healthy Dog portal on their MyFSU account.