Greeks against COVID

How Ferris Greek life plans to thrive during COVID

Sororities and fraternities at Ferris transitioned their recruitment seasons to online platforms to encourage new membership despite the pandemic.

Most on-campus RSOs have been forced to change their normal routines for the beginning of the semester. Greek life needed to revise how recruitment will function so that it is as safe as possible for everyone. Many sororities have already began making changes to their recruiting plans.

Ferris dental hygiene junior Julia Sutton is a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and her group has developed ways to reach out to possible new members online.

“ZTA and all other panhellenic organizations are sharing the link to sign up for virtual recruitment through social media and there are tables throughout campus for people to sign up,” said Sutton. “I know that ZTA is sharing a video for potential new members to learn more about us and then I believe the rest of recruitment is through Zoom.”

Greek organizations are now trying to get even more creative with how they will attract people through virtual environment. They hope to make it feel as interactive and fun online as it would be in person.

“With recruitment being completely virtual this year, we are really relying on being able to capture the essence of our chapter into the recruitment videos that we are making and focusing on creating quality conversations through Zoom since we can’t be in person” said Ferris social work senior and Delta Zeta sorority president Kylie Pershey.

All the changes Pershey’s sorority made were “in an attempt to protect both our members and those going through recruitment.”

There are about 80-100 people on average who take part in the sorority recruitment weekend. Both Zelta Tau Alpha and Delta Zeta sorority members expect a lower number of new members this semester due to COVID-19.

“Nationally, all schools have seen a decline in the number of women that have gone through formal sorority recruitment,” said Pershey. “Part of that is due to less women coming to campus as a result of their classes going online, or because they’re not sure what Greek life can offer in this online format.”

The women of Delta Zeta believe it is still important for girls to attend recruitment and find their future sorority homes because of all the opportunities it brings.

Ferris music and entertainment business senior and Delta Zeta member Lily Snudden says she wanted to join Greek life to grow more friendships and find a group of people with whom she felt a strong belonging.

“I joined [Zeta Tau Alpha] as it gives me a vast amount of opportunities, such as leadership positions and volunteer work,” said Sutton. “The group of people are very nice, and I bond well with all the girls!”

Sororities continue to expand the methods in which they will conduct their groups virtually. They are currently working on how to host various types of events for the fall semester.

“We’re still able to remotely host chapter meetings, we’re creatively thinking about ways that we can have fundraisers and are still wanting to engage with campus and each other in any way that is safely possible,” said Pershey. “Sometimes this means a sorority wide Netflix watch party online. We’re really trying to find creative ways to still hang out with each other and take the necessary precautions to protect our members and the rest of our community.”