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Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion has been my favorite artist for the last two years for many reasons. He always utilizes a different style, beat, and instrumental that draws me into listening to his songs over and over. My goal when listening to music is being able to picture.

Morning in America

This song talks about the insanity that is living in America, the good, the bad, the ugly of growing in this country. The pressure of trying to be successful in front of your piers no matter what may be happening around you. Some people can handle the pressure, other can’t, and this song epitomizes how out of control we all seem to be.

The Internet

This song goes over Bellion’s qualms with the internet. One of Jon Bellion’s most notable traits is how little of a presence he has on the internet. “Life became dangerous the day we all became famous.” is the main lyric to this song. We all now have the ability to let anyone peer into the happenings of our life, which is dangerous since we try to make it seem like we’re all living our best life, masking our issues.

He Is The Same

He Is The Same is the opener for Bellion’s best selling album “The Human Condition”. Its focus is how fundamentally Bellion is the same despite everything that has happened in his career. As we age I think it’s important to see that fundamentally we have personality features that will keep us connected with our friends and family.

Don’t Ask Cuz I Don’t Know

The basis of this song is how Bellion has no clue what his plans are in the future. The main lyric of the song saying “I can’t even pick out my socks, how can I tell you about my future?” Obviously with how apprehensive the future is with everything going on, having a song like this to attribute to that feeling is somewhat comforting.


This is Bellion’s closing song to his mixtape “The Definition” this is another song about growing up and earning fame and wealth. The fears of people trying to take away from your hard work and wealth. How those close to you can keep you on track to being successful.