Disney releases: make or break?

Disney has been releasing live action remakes of old-time classics, leaving many with mixed feelings

With Disney’s new release of the Mulan remake, it got me thinking that I might as well have a Disney marathon. 

As I sat down on a Tuesday evening in my living room wearing only my boxers and my socks, with a bowl of popcorn sitting on my lap I cracked open a half gallon of tequila and began my Disney remake binge watch.

Yes, I know what some of your thinking. I did pay $30 to watch the new Mulan and no I don’t think I wasted the money. The movie was good, and I do get to watch it as many times as I want. It is not a two-day rental type deal. The movie brought back many memories, but I will tell you it’s very different from the old animated version that came out in 1998. I encourage everyone to watch the new one that came out but be ready for disappointment by some things that aren’t exactly the same. 

After I finished the new Mulan, I thought to myself, “you know that isn’t exactly what I remember.” So when I turned on the new Aladdin that was remade, I thought to myself “I’ll watch this one and really look for the differences.” Again, this is a movie is made by Disney and I thought they did a very good job with the new version, but it was different. At least with this one I can say they kept most of the old songs but threw in another plot twist. 

What came next in the line of Disney movies to watch was none other than the beloved Lion King. I thought this movie was exceptional. I loved it. I love the characters, cast, and the way that every animal was portrayed. There’s absolutely no way I could ever hate on this movie. They stuck to the original as a best they could. They were able to bring me to tears again when Mufasa dies and joy and laughter throughout the entire movie and to Disney I say, well done. 

Now around the 1 a.m., I had to watch at least one more movie. The final movie I chose was Beauty and The Beast. This movie was different than the others since I had disliked the animated version, but it is hands-down my favorite live action movie that Disney has created. I don’t know why. Maybe I have a secret crush on Emma Watson, who knows!

But what I will tell you that the feeling I have with all these new remakes, whether I enjoy them or not, is that it’s bullshit. 

Disney is a huge corporation that is just hell-bent on making as much money as they possibly can. The remake of Mulan had a budget of $200 million. They are predicted to make $270 million and already in less than a week have made 12 million. This was also released on a streaming platform which you pay monthly to get access to. 

I also believe that this could change the way that Disney will release movies in the future. If they no longer release them to movie theaters and you must access them through a streaming platform, they will be making double the money even faster.