Something good coming out of COVID-19

Students making the best out of staying home

Sometimes life might look gloomy with COVID-19 wreaking havoc across campus, but that’s only if you let it. 

There are still a variety of things that you can do at Ferris while following social distancing guidelines and wearing a mask. Whether you decide to take this semester and use it as a springboard to stay ahead of classes or spend time playing video games in your dorm, people are still finding fun and stimulating things to do. 

Ferris freshman Plastic Engineering major Haley Dobbyn said that during the peak of COVID-19, she spent most of her time at home following the social distancing guidelines. She spent spare time reading.

“Here at Ferris, though, I do try to spend as much time outside as I can,” Dobbyn said. “I do spend time with a close group of my friends that I established at the beginning of the year.”

Dobbyn said that she likes to spend her time now working on homework and going to get food. She also said that she didn’t pick up any new hobbies but is happy to be with friends and have people to talk to with everything going on. 

Some people were lucky enough to stay working during COVID-19. Many student workers are still working for Ferris during this time. Ferris employee Nicholas Williams says that he spends most of his time playing video games at his house or working for the theater at Ferris.

“I work in the theater for Bob Cardana. I help build the set, get everything set up and then clean off the set,” Williams said.

Williams said the theater is putting on a show called Theory of Relativity. They are going to be shooting it like a TV show, scene for scene, and then send it off for editing. They have not yet met in person but are meeting over Zoom as of right now. 

Many Ferris students didn’t know how this year was going to play out with classes being online. This has been a blessing and a curse for some people.

“During COVID-19, going to college I thought would be kind of a ‘I’m going to have fun on campus, I’m going to be doing a bunch of things,’ but it turns out that I am coming home every weekend,” Ferris Sophomore Taylor Whelpley said. 

Whelpley said that she spends her time with her boyfriend and getting her home life together. She has all of her classes online and doesn’t spend a lot of time on campus because of it. She said that she likes her online classes because she doesn’t have to travel to class, but it is harder to learn. 

Campus may not seem as upbeat and as packed as it has been in years past. The freshman class of 2020 may never know the struggle of finding a table in the Quad Café for another year. That shouldn’t stop anyone from picking up a new hobby or finding thing do during “Coronacation.”