Getting tested isn’t your secret to keep

Do you have a fever? What about a cough? Are foods tasting different or you can’t smell as good? If you have any of these symptoms, GO GET TESTED! Okay now that you have done that tell everyone you’ve been in contact recently so they can be careful with who they come in contact with. 

Just because we are all adults now and can finally do whatever we want, within reason, it doesn’t mean we should make reckless decisions simply because we can.  Peoples lives are at stake and most of the people in Michigan care more about their “rights”. No matter what you think about this virus there are people that can be gravely affected by it so you should try and take them into consideration.

In a day to day basis you have no clue how much your actions can affect others. It doesn’t hurt to just send out a text and warn people about the possibility that they could have this virus. You shouldn’t feel ashamed about testing positive, unless you got it from being out partying and making uneducated decisions.

Even if you think it doesn’t affect you because you’re not high risk doesn’t mean your actions won’t affect others. Say your roommate has a grandparent with COPD and they like to visit them on the weekends but you have a cough and a temperature so you go get tested. Send them a quick text just to warn them so they don’t spread it to their grandparent who could have fatal repercussions.

Even if your roommates and friends don’t have people in their life that are high risk they do still have things going on in their lives that they would like still do. But if you don’t communicate with them then they will go to weddings, funerals, classes, etc. and spread it around without even knowing it. 

This is just like getting an STD test. If you test positive, or even have any suspicions about being positive, you need to tell people you have sexual contact with so they can prepare themselves and not spread it around. There’s a lot of people who are spreading this virus around because people aren’t coming forward and warning others about their tests.