Ferris esports level up

Ferris State esports builds momentum with bright future ahead

Graphic by: Charlie Zitta | Production Assistant

Esports have become very popular in the past couple of years. Many people are playing video games professionally and this year the Bulldogs have joined the fray. 

Esports at Ferris offers a channel to connect with students on campus. After being founded in the fall of 2018, from the original League of Legends RSO, the esports discord bow has over 350 members. 50 of these members belong to one of the many e-sports teams that play on different levels across Michigan. 

Mitchell VanEss who goes by the name “TongueFu” online is the vice president of the Ferris Esports club. He spoke about being a part of the growing sport.

“Esports means a lot to me, watching Overwatch makes me feel the same way as I did cheering for baseball or sports in general. Esports allows me to break the norm of sports devoting hours within, developing our skills as a team,” VanEss said. “As in other sports, we practice, watch clips, and prepare for tournaments.”

The esports season just started with two of their teams playing this week. The Overwatch team that played in Tespa collegiate series took their first win of the season, but the Rainbow Six team is coming off a rough start. League of Legends also started their season.

“Season start dates are a little weird much like everything else in this COVID world, but we are looking to play in some small tournaments and show matches before the main Collegiate League of Legends tournament starts probably at the end of October early November,” Mans said. “But practices have been good. Everyone is getting used to playing as a team with each other.” 

Overwatch Crimson is currently 3-0, upsetting the #30 ranked Auburn University as the #96 ranked team in the country. The Rainbow 6 team is 1-1 with one scratch while the League of Legends team hasn’t played a match yet.

The rest of the esports teams will also participate this week to start their season off. This is the first year Ferris will have a Call of Duty section to their team. Many other teams are also emerging from Ferris to come together and participate.

“Our Overwatch is one of the best teams in the nation, and all the players are in the top percentage in the US. The teams are going well, Rainbow Six is having a rough start but is pulling it together, and League of Legends is pulling off with many players returning and building.” Jono Eaton the Overwatch coach and president of Ferris esports said.

As esports continues to play down the stretch, there are big plans for the future. Eaton gives an insight into what’s to come. 

“The next step for esports is getting a physical place on campus and being one of the best productions in Michigan.” Coach Eaton said. “We are looking for scholarships and pro-players who are known at Twitch to come play here are Ferris.” 

Eaton mentioned that the program was looking for a way to give scholarships and have pro players who are known on Twitch to come play at Ferris. The intention for the program is to become a varsity sport and one of the best esports teams in Michigan.

For more information go to ferrisesports.club or visit their Twitch at Ferris Esports.