AMA-zing opportunities

Getting to know what AMA is all about

Preparing future leaders for successful careers in today’s competitive environment is what AMA is all about.

The American Marketing Association, or AMA, is an RSO that teaches students how to successfully navigate the business world through marketing and networking opportunities. They strive to educate students about the marketing issues businesses are currently facing and ways to fix them.

All students are welcome to join AMA regardless of the extent of their marketing knowledge. 

AMA members attending a competition in New Orleans. Photo provided by AMA

Hospitality management junior Katie Bittner has been a member for a year and has become vice president of community service. 

“I’ve learned a lot about how to brand myself,” Bittner said. “Being in marketing is important for any major; you should be able to learn how to market yourself well.” 

The workshops hosted by AMA are specialized to teach members about personal finance, office etiquette, how to ask for a raise, and other topics that help boost their confidence when going into the workforce. The group holds many opportunities for students to build not only their skills but also their resumes. The Crimson Consulting program is one such opportunity. 

Business administration junior and AMA President Renae Schuetter said that the program helps local businesses receive assistance in their marketing needs. 

“We help re-brand businesses, help them take off, and at the same time are getting marketing experience that can be put onto students’ resumes.” Schuetter says.

Recently this facet of the organization has been put on hold due to businesses not having enough funds this year.

AMA has been reducing the amount of in-person activities and meetings for the safety of all its members. Instead they have been meeting online and focusing their energy on community service. They have participated in the Big Alleyway Clean Up, and programs such as Adopt-A-Courtyard, and Adopt-A-Campus.

While not meeting in person has majorly affected the working dynamic of the group, members have been trying to stay on the positive side.

AMA still has been working hard to create a great year for its members, especially after winning the NOLA International Collegiate Competition last year. 

They are currently working on a case study for the company PODS, in which they will develop a marketing strategy for them to help fix an ongoing issue. 

“We do research, we do focus groups, we do a lot of things that you would do for a real marketing job,” Schuetter said. “We turn it into them when we go to our ICC. It’s a great opportunity to get real life experience.”

The group’s dedication to professional development and community service has them ranked high out of all marketing collegiate associations across the country.

Prospective students interested in learning more about business and marketing can head where they will find information about upcoming events, meeting dates, and how they can get in contact.