Gun Regulation

Gun control needs a new name

Over the years, it has been a hot debate on whether guns should be allowed in the hands of everyone. In my opinion, no I do not think so.

Thinking about this I do not guns to go away either. I am not standing with former presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke in which he wanted to ban guns, but I am not with Senator McConnell where he thinks you should be able to get a gun when you ask for one.

People have gone to Tik Tok saying how hard it is to obtain a gun and it can take up to 3 weeks to get one, and my reply to this is ‘so what’. ‘Why did you wait that long to get a gun for what ever you need’.

Seriously why do people complain about this. I like a cool down period, but still in some states they can do a background check within 30 minutes and you can be out of a gun store with a brand-new gun. If you knew it was going to take that long, why didn’t you but it earlier? I am sick of that excuse.

This really is not gun control. I am not controlling what you can and what you cannot do with that gun, I am not controlling the gun in how you can shoot it or play with it. I would rather say regulation.

People have brought up the idea that well cars are regulated, and they still kill. Well yeah that is true, same thing with knives in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom has made it astronomically hard to obtain a gun license, thus causing people not to use guns as much, but there has been a lot of stabbings in the area.

People will say then why are not regulating knives then, well it is a messed up way to think about this but, knives can be used in a mass setting, but it is harder to get higher numbers than using a gun, and this is what the legislature uses for justification into not regulating a household item.

You still must be 18 to buy knives but with guns it is all over the board.

This leads me to my first change, no loopholes, you must 21 to buy any gun, but 12 with a hunting permit to hunt with a gun, under supervision, by a legal guardian until the age of 16.

There must be background checks, I do not care how long it takes you must have one because no one with a felony or a charge that includes violence should have a gun.

The escalation standard of abuse goes from verbal to physical quicky and once they introduce a gun it can be deadly. Say if a husband abused his wife had charges against him but they drop the charges, this should still be documented so he cannot buy a gun later to keep others safe.

If anyone was dishonorably discharged from the military they should not have the right to buy a gun, because they did something so bad they got charged with an equivalent to a civilian felony they should not be able to buy a gun.

If someone has been to a mental hospital in recent months, they should be cleared first by a phycologist to have a gun, but more than likely they should not because for their own safety and family members.

This is not just to feel like ‘I’m in control’, I feel as if this can make the United States safer with the ability of people to still own a gun.

In the past mass shootings, a lot of the perpetrators have had mental illnesses, and that type of background check could have stopped them from getting guns.

There are also more things to it like kids that stole their parent’s guns. I also feel people who do not lock their guns properly and a crime is committed with one of their guns, they should also have a punishment against them for not properly taking care of a gun.

I am not no gun-haten’ liberal, I am just a concerned republican trying to look out for others and trying to do what’s right.