Game on!

Video games are perfect stress relievers

Whenever you need to get out of your own head or just want something to do to relieve stress, video games can help. 

People tend to do some of the craziest things to relieve stress but winding down to a relaxing video game is always a good time, regardless of what video game it may be such as playing Madden, 2k, Fortnite, Pub-g, Apex Legends, or even the classic games like Galaga, Pac-man, Solitaire, and many more.  

Video games can have a positive impact on your life and can help you relieve stress after a long day. While video games help relieve stress, they also provide multiple other benefits that will improve certain aspects of your life. Video games can help increase your memory, mood, perception and vision, decision making and problem-solving skills, mood, social skills, physical fitness, youthfulness, curiosity, learning and so much more.   

When you find yourself in the need of a good stress reliever a go-to game like Fortnite usually helps. Fortnite is a great example of a video game that helps relieve stress because you can either play the game with a group of friends, a single friend or even alone. Playing in the Fortnite world allows you to escape from reality and not deal with the stressors around you. Fortnite helps you become more relaxed, allows you to complete challenges and earn accomplishments for your achievements. As you play you also are in control of your character and the actions you take to proceed in the game as you see fit to win.

While video games allow for creative freedom and more control outside of the normal world, they also tend to increase the release of dopamine which is often referred to as the “happiness hormone.” The release of this hormone often occurs when we do something we really enjoy. When you play a video game dopamine is released and makes the game worthwhile to brighten anyone’s day. While the release of this hormone allows for more happiness it also creates a sort of recharge to come back to reality.  

If you allow just a little bit of your time in everyone’s busy schedule to sit down and relax with a good video game you will notice your stress float away. While others will say that it’s a waste of time and that you can do more productive things with your time or that video games just cause more stress, those statements are all wrong. While video games can cause more stress if you don’t win or struggle in a part of the game, once you do win or complete your task the feeling it brings you is instant satisfaction and joy. Playing a video game, no matter, the genre you begin to be happy and just forget about your stress and enjoy yourself.  

Even with the inability to go outside, you get the physical attributes while you stay indoors and play video games such as using a Virtual Reality headset. This also gives you more as an escapee from the real world. Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive are examples of VR systems. Since exercise is helpful with stress-relieving all these headsets provide that action and incorporate physical actions in each game.  

Video games take your day and twist it around to make it a million times better. Anytime you can pick up a game and spend some time just relaxing and escape the real world just for a little bit in your busy schedules because the truth is we all can use an escape from reality every now and then, especially nowadays.