Sports Speculations: Tanking in the NFL

The pains of purposely being the worst of the worst

As fans step out to watch their favorite team play, it can be upsetting to see them on a losing streak.

What is worse to see a team going 3-13 or ending on a 16 losing streak. While many fans may suggest the team is unlucky or just bad this season, the main reason could be tanking.

Tanking occurs mainly when a team gives up or has a bad record, so they take advantage of this to get the best pick. Many speculate one of the most significant tanking instances is the 2011 Colts when they went 2-14 and got Andrew Luck.

In week 7 of the NFL, there are currently several teams under .500. One team that sticks out the most is the NY Jets. They have not won a single game this season and lost by mostly blowouts. While many fans and analysts are questioning whether their competitiveness is intentional, large conversations are going on about the potential pick they could acquire, Trevor Lawrence.

The Clemson quarterback is the overwhelming favorite to become the top draft pick of 2021. If he becomes available for the Jets, they will choose him, no doubt.

While coming off a disappointing season or potentially tanking, a team’s gets to gain one of the season’s best players by subsidy throwing the game. While it is sad to see a team lose, This means fans of the organizations are heavily disappointed by seeing them take the easy route and paying for a ticket to see them build for the future to gain a “potential” key.

One of the emerging questions is that if the Jets were to acquire Trevor Lawerance, what would that mean for Sam Darnold?

Being the third pick in the 2018 draft, he has not had the best season in 2020. The Jets have drafted seven quarterbacks, including Darnold, since 2011. Generally, a QB who has not even finished developing when in his third year in the NFL. Fans are starting to wonder if another quarterback is going to save the Jets from their slump? It would seem like it would be evident that while tanking is an excellent way to gain good picks, it also has even more negative aspects.

Tanking gives the franchise good leverage on players, but does it work vice versa? If the Jet potentially obtained Trevor Lawence next season, would the Jets be good for him to start his NFL career?

With the way the season is going, Trevor Laurence is being told by ex-athletes to stay at Clemson instead of being drafted by the Jets this season.

Former American football Roddy White wide receiver, who played his entire professional career with the Atlanta Falcons, told The Big Lead on what he thought about this predicament.

“If I’m Trevor Lawrence, if the Jets finish with no wins, I go back to Clemson. I don’t want any part of that organization,” White said.

While potential tanking could benefit the Jets and other NFL teams, what could it mean for the Lions?

This season, many fans openly wonder how the Lions are supposed to excel by trading cornerback Darius Slay, Quandre Diggs, releasing Damon Harrison, not re-signing Mike Daniels, Graham Glasgow, and A’Shawn Robinson.

While the Lions have also made critical trades, could this be enough to have the season they need? While being a Lions fan has been a wild ride for the past decade, rebuilding could be an excellent alternative to their future success.

The Lions tanking could potentially bring in the next star they might need for their team, but focusing on what they have and finding that missing component could finally get is more important. While this could also mean taking losses, they may not need to at the current moment.

As the season unfolds, we will see what changes and the path the Lions will go down this season. If the Jets are tanking the way they appear to be, their season will end in catastrophe.