An RSO with a lot to say

Students find a platform to voice their passions

Ferris education freshman Alyssa Parson talking to another member of Bulldog Radio in the Bulldog Radio recording studio. Photo by: Cora Hall | Editor in Chief

If you are looking for something new to listen to, hear real student opinions, or catch up on all the news, you should tune into Bulldog Radio.

Bulldog radio is an RSO on campus that broadcasts their very own podcasts on Spotify and Apple music. Podcasts that are currently available are Mics and Takes, The MVSP (Most Valuable Sports Podcast) and the Book Hub.

With podcasts being all the rage, there’s a station for everybody to tune into. Ferris sports communication senior Barrett Jones  said that it’s a relaxed group that allows students to foster their ideas in a safe and creative environment. Jones runs one of the sporting podcasts, Mics and Takes, with his friend Travis Hicks.

Jones said they encourage each other, especially their newest members, to shoot out ideas, and see where it takes them.

“There’s no wrong ideas,” Jones said “We help touch up their ideas, give suggestions, show them how to record and send them on their way.”

With twenty-one members coming from different majors the RSO is able to learn from one another, create great ideas, and make an environment where all members are able to thrive.

“We enjoy collaborating to make things work,” Jones said “We have three podcasts coming up next semester. At the moment we are in a building stage because we have a lot of freshmen, and I’m not going to force them to be involved in a podcast when they don’t have the experience yet.”

Newest members are first taught the ropes, and the ins and outs of how a show runs before being placed onto their own.

All members are still able to collaborate together to create exciting content for their listeners.

Ferris education freshman Alyssa Parson found out about Bulldog Radio through Bulldog Connect. She had always wanted to try it out so she took this opportunity. Parson runs the Book Hub, a podcast where she takes about everything from reading books to writing books. Although she has had complications that have made it hard to go to every meeting Parson said that the podcasts are going smoothly, that they are nice to listen to.

“I am the only host for my show,” Parson said. “There wasn’t really anyone else that wanted to do reading so I took it upon myself. I do all the editing and uploading.”

Parson only does one episode a week so it takes up about three hours of her time because she will research what she is talking about. Talking to herself because she does her podcast by herself was one thing Parson had to get used to. Getting the hang of making the starting and endings less awkward is another Parson

“I’ve always liked reading and talking to people,” Parson said. “Finding like minded people who actually want to hear what I have to say  is interesting.”

In the past they have done music and hope to revamp their radio by getting back into it soon when things become safe for everyone and they can have more interaction with others.

At the moment bulldog radio has four podcasts. Members record a new episode twice a week and are gearing up for more episodes and podcasts to be heard later this spring.

This RSO is a great opportunity for all students who want to share their voice, and get creative digitally. If students are on the fence about whether they should get their own podcast they can reach out to hosts and ask to be a guest on their podcast.

Students interested in learning more about Bulldog Radio can email them through Bulldog Connect.

Marissa Russell and Cora Hall contributed in the reporting  and writing of this story.