On the Record

A roundup of this week’s crime at Ferris State University

A cut through the night

Oct. 23 1:01 a.m. A non-Ferris student called DPS for his safety. After a fight broke out with him and his Ferris-student girlfriend, over a dispute about the boyfriend ‘messing’ around with other girls, it is alleged the girlfriend held a knife to the boyfriend. This case is under prosecutor review.

Too young for that

Oct. 24 12:53 a.m. A possible Ferris student was pulled over on south Stewart street near Oak street, for driving the wrong way on a one-way street. After with some cooperation with the officer it was found she was under the influence of alcohol. Not only was the driver underage, but also had a blood alcohol level of .13. An arrest was made to conclude the traffic stop.

C’mon man

Oct. 24 10:48 p.m. A Ferris student was pulled over on Cedar Street, heading towards State street for having something drag from the car, in which created sparks. It was found the driver was not the owner of the car, so the car was towed for having no insurance.

Big stank

Oct. 25 22:34 p.m. While on patrol, two officers could smell a high concentrate of marijuana near Merrill hall. After hounding down the smell, the officers found two underage students in possession of the narcotics, and were issued misdemeanor tickets.