An escape from reality

Ferris students talk about why they read books

Reading is something that most students see as a fun way to past time or as something that is required by a professor.

Reading is a healthy way that keeps your mind stimulated as well as increase your vocabulary. It can be peaceful to do inside or out as well. Reading is a way to escape the world around us and travel into the land of fantasy, mystery and love.

Criminal Justice junior Madison Phillips said that she loves to read all the time. She said that it is a simple way to not pay attention to the chaos that is happening around the world. Phillips said that she enjoys reading fiction over nonfiction as the books play out like a movie in her head.

“My favorite book has to be The Great Gatsby,” Phillips said. “I love the book because it shows us the true meaning of wealth, and the different perspectives of the American dream.”

Phillips said that she is currently reading two books, American Sniper and The Tattooist of Auschwitz. She said that reading should be viewed as a negative thing and people should look to finding a book they like. Reading can expand the mind and allow for creativity to flow.

Most of the time student will dread that they have to do a reading of a chapter. The hopes of are that it will allow people to gain a better understanding of the knowledge they are being taught.

HVACR senior Kurk Goodson said that he doesn’t get into books as much because they don’t grab his attention. Even when it comes to school textbooks, Goodson said that he is a hands-on learner and that is the way he prefers to be taught.

“I do not read because for my job and degree it is all hands on so after work, I’d rather hang out with people then sit in a place and read a book,” Goodson said.

Goodson said that he sees the need for books to tell history and give information to us.

School can be time consuming for many Ferris students. This can cause students to not be able to enjoy casual reading and leave them to read heavy, expensive textbooks as assignments.

Ferris Nursing senior Ariveara Piehl said that she is unable to read that often because school has taking up so much time. She said that reading will put her to sleep when she is reading a textbook trying to study for a text. Piehl does read fictions books on long car trips.

“I would say my favorite book is Five Feet Apart,” Piehl said. “It is love and tragic. It is an emotional roller coaster that I can never put down!”

Books will be around for many generations and few will become timeless classics. Books allow for people to express their creative minds and escape to lands that were never thought to be imaginable.