Sports Speculation: A rough patch for Michigan sports

Michigan Sports ranked based on interest and performances in 2020 seasons

The state of Michigan has multiple major sports teams that call it home and honor the state, but which team is the best overall team? 

Michigan is home to multiple colleges but perhaps the biggest two are Michigan State University and the University of Michigan; both football teams have been top 25 teams in the past decade. Both of which have fallen on hard times this year.

Even without the two powerhouse colleges, Michigan is home to the Detroit Tigers, Lions, Pistons, and Red Wings. Sadly it doesn’t get much better than the college “powerhouses”. The main ranking ideas and placement arguments are based on team performances and fan’s interest in the teams and new moves they have made.  

The way to rank these Michigan sports teams would be as followed: 

1. Detroit Lions (4-5)  

Out of all the major league sports in Michigan, the Lions have been the only ones to have even a glimmer of success during the 2020 season. The choice to place the Lions number one in the ranks. The choice was obvious as neither college football teams could beat the Lions while the other professional sports teams are all in massive rebuilds as they have changed coaches and added younger new talents. The Lions haven’t been perfect by any means but they do need new owners and coaches. If it wasn’t for the other teams already in the rebuild stages the Lions wouldn’t be number one.

2. Michigan State (MSU) Football (1-3) 

College football is always exciting and thrilling to watch but this year both MSU and UofM have been disappointments to the fans. Michigan State comes off a bunch of issues that plague their sports legacy and have no true identity this year but they are still above everyone else on this list especially the pro teams who are rebuilding and fixing themselves to be back in contentions. Let’s face facts. MSU destroyed UofM a few weeks back and that is why they are above UofM in these ranks. Michigan State will find a groove and change for the better, college is only four years and as MSU is known for good recruitment classes that won’t change.  

3. Michigan (UofM) Football (1-3) 

Where does it end for the issues of Michigan football, first the quarterback controversy to start the year and McCaffery asking to be transferred and now many verbally express the need to fire head coach Jim Harbaugh. Michigan has had more what if’s this year than ever before and many teams have figured out the way the team operates and it shows when they play. UofM isn’t terrible by any means but they need to get things together and dig themselves out of the hole they put themselves in. 

4. Detroit Tigers (23-35 last year) 

In Al Avila’s final season with the Tigers, it was another pitiful season to watch. The Tigers have been in a rebuild for years and years but show no changes. However, now that Avila is gone and the Tigers hired A.J Hinch to rebuild this young core. I believe Hinch learned his lesson with sign stealing and will be a better manager for it, he is still very capable of developing players and teams to a turnaround, look at what he did with the Astros despite the controversy. The Tigers are above the Pistons and Redwings simply because they have more opportunities for change and much more freedom to fix their issues. They have a new manager but still need the players and to prove themselves.  

5. Detroit Pistons (20-46 last year) 

Without Blake Griffin most of the season the Pistons laid down and just gave many teams the easy win when being played against. They only won nine road games and 11 home games on the season which is why they ended 13 overall in the Eastern Conference. With poor gameplay and not many valuable players with Griffin out it only hurt the Pistons this season with new coach Dwane CaseyWith a weak draft class, the Pistons will need to be smart with the seventh overall pick in the NBA draft to better the team for next year while making smart management decisions. 

6. Detroit Redwings (17-49 last year) 

The Redwings here are dead last in the ranks because you simply cannot play 66 games and only win 17 of those games to be called good. The Redwings only scored 39 points on the season and it’s hard to place them above anyone else in Michigan sports simply because of the young team and the constant changes they underwent. The Redwings have hope to grow and continue to change for the better but it will take some time.