On the Record

A roundup of this week’s crime at Ferris State University

Legal loophole
Dec. 3 10:34 p.m., A mother of a non-student called DPS to report for her vehicle being stolen. In all reality the daughter had been using the vehicle because she paid for it with her own money but the vehicle was registered under the mother’s name. After having a sit-down meeting with Capt. Green of Ferris DPS, it was settled the daughter would surrender the keys to the mother to not have the daughter be charged with theft.

Just a bad diver
Dec. 5 7:17 p.m. Someone called 911 to warn of a drunk driver. Once DPS was able to catch up to the driver they pulled them over for swerving and improper lane use. When the officer engaged with the subject it has appeared the driver was not intoxicated, and no citations was issued.

Doing frat boy s—
Dec. 6 2:02 a.m. An officer spotted a couple of male students – that happened to be inebriated – throwing a box of empty beer cans on the sidewalk. After the officer confronted the group of males, they were forced to pick up their mess and a formal citation warning was given.

Just above
Dec. 6 2:06 a.m. A Ferris student was pulled over once in the Oakwood Townhouses parking lot for driving in the dark without headlights. When the officer continued their investigation, they could smell in-toxins coming from the driver. After doing a breathalyzer, the driver tested at .10 blood alcohol level.

Vanderbaked pt. II
Dec. 13 12:45 a.m. Officers where dispatched to the second floor of Vandercook for smelling marijuana. After the officers reached the epicenter of the scent, the male student confessed to smoking cannabis. The student was issued a citation for being underage, and possession of marijuana.

A call for help answered
Dec. 16 8:35 a.m. RAs at Ward hall found a note on a table with the writings “If you are reading this, I am dead”. After the RAs found out who wrote the note DPS was alerted and the RAs took the student to Birkam Health Center for counseling.

Dec. 20 12:15 p.m. An ex-boyfriend and one his friends egged his ex-girlfriend’s car and threw trash on top of her car at Robin Court. The Ferris student, called the cops and gave enough information for DPS to act and question the ex-boyfriend. DPS has submitted the case to County Attorney’s office seeking for a warrant to arrest.

Why bring her – the chronicles
Jan. 4 6:49 p.m. A non-Ferris student went to pick up his belongings from his ex-girlfriend’s apartment, who happened to be a Ferris student. The Ferris student got into a disagreement with their ex-partner, so DPS was dispatched to the scene. The non-Ferris student also brought their new partner to help collect his belongings. While in an argument the new girlfriend decided to verbally and physically assault the old girlfriend in which led to an arrest of the new girlfriend.

Jan. 8 8:27 a.m. DPS was a alerted for a disturbance of the peace. The old ex-girlfriend was found to be sending threatening messages to the new girlfriend. DPS had asked all parties to stop contacting each other or there will be charges the next time DPS needed to get involved.

Jan. 8 7:42 p.m. DPS was called once more involving the issue. The ex-girlfriend continued to send messages to the new girlfriend threatening to beat her up and cause issues within the near future. The citation and warning was issued for the ex-girlfriend for Intimidation/Stalking text used for harassment and threats, in which was a misdemeanor.

Cross-faded into a nap
Jan. 12 7:22 p.m. 911 was called for a person disrupting traffic on the exit-ramp of US 131. Once officers made it to the scene it was obvious the suspect was passed out in his car. The officers could not perform a field sobriety test because of how intoxicated the suspect was. It appeared the suspect was not only heavily inebriated but also under the influence of drugs. The blood test is still pending, but the suspect was arrested for operation under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Off the grid
Jan. 16 9:32 p.m. An officer pulled over a suspect for driving without the use of headlights. After investigation it was found the car had no plates tied to the vehicle, nor did they have insurance for the vehicle. To top it off they were also not wearing their seatbelt while driving.Multiple citations were issued to the individual, and the car was towed due to its lack of registration.