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Fate: Winx Saga Netflix Original

I don’t think I have been as excited about a Netflix Original like I was for Fate: Winx Saga. I can remember watching the cartoon version just about everyday after school when I was in elementary and even middle school.  

If you like magic, good actors, fighting, romance and a flashback to your childhood you should watch this. Plus, since it is a Netflix Original, all the episodes for the season are already out and there are only six of them so you can easily watch them all in one night (that’s what I did).

So a quick synopsis- Bloom, who thought she was a human all her life until she accidentally stumbled upon her powers, is starting her first year at Alfea, a college for fairies and specialist. Specialist are almost body guards for fairies and fight along side each other. But weird things are happening after Bloom moves to Alfea. It is a whirlwind of trying to figure out who Bloom can trust, learning about her birth parents, realizing she was switched at birth and fighting these really creepy monsters. A show that has something for everyone if you will. Winx Saga will keep you on the edge of your chair if you invest part of your soul into it with all the plot twists and turns. 

Let me warn you though- this version of the Winx was not made for kids like the original one. This one follows young adults who drink, smoke, lie, curse and partake in sexual activities. Basically everything I wanted if I went to Alfea. I loved that the producers didn’t make it a kids show, they let it age like the original watchers of Winx Club. It makes me feel like the characters have grown up with me and makes them more entertaining to watch.

Now there was some things that hurt my soul about this adaptation. I knew going into this not everything was going to be the same but that doesn’t mean it still didn’t hurt. The first thing I noticed was that not all the original Winx were here. They had taken out Tecna and changed Flora with Terra, who is Floras cousin. Another major change was Musas powers, who use to be a music fairy is now a mind fairy. Alfea was also originally just the fairy school but now it also homes the specialists. They are also missing a third group, the witches who were also the main antagonists through out the series. 

One of the biggest changes was the fact that they don’t change into an actual fairy form with wings or have the cute outfits, this was a big discussion I saw going on on TikTok. Viewers were upset that their childhood dream of a live adaptation was not completed. I was not too overly upset over it because that would have changed Blooms major transformation in the show.

All and all I am not made at how this was made. I am eagerly waiting for the next season to see how they will take the Winx Saga journey.