Ready, set, give

Ferris fundraising event returns after one-year hiatus

The One Day for Dawgs online fundraising event for groups on campus is taking place April 14, and there’s still time for more programs to join.  

So far 30 groups in categories ranging from e-sports to disability services have signed up to participate in this year’s event.  

Megan Eppley, a communications expert at Ferris, is helping to put on the fundraiser. She explained that it’s free for groups to join this event, and there is still time for others to get involved.  

“We have until March 24 to set up a team. After that, it’s harder to market and get everything together in time for the event,” Eppley said.  

Last year the event was canceled due to COVID-19, but Eppley explained that in 2019 the 24-hour fundraising event raised over $94,000 between the 35 groups participating.  

One of the groups participating this year is Educational Counseling & Disabilities Services (ECDS), which is overseen by Julie Alexander, along with the Committee for Students with Disabilities (LCSD) in which Alexander is the chair of.  

These departments provide accommodations for students. College costs are rising, and Alexander explained that they realize with medical expenses, equipment, personal attendants and other costs it can make paying for college especially challenging for students with disabilities.  

“ECDS and LCSD are currently campaigning to raise money for an endowed scholarship for students with disabilities. One Day for Dawgs is a great opportunity for us to make the Ferris community aware of these issues and an opportunity to give to this cause,” Alexander said.  

According to Alexander, their goal is to raise $2,500 at the April 14 event. However, the plan is to continue campaigning until they reach $12,500. At that point the Ferris Foundation will match the funds to make an endowment.  

Dave McCall is another individual involved with One Day for Dawgs. He is an associate professor in Developmental Curriculum and is heading up the First-Gen initiative at Ferris.
“I think first generation students are really the heart and soul of Ferris and represent the long-standing traditions that this school was built upon – providing opportunity for all,” McCall said.  

McCall explained that they are participating in the fundraiser for the newly established First-Generation Student Scholarship.  

“Our hope is to eventually raise enough money to create an endowed scholarship that will support first generation students for years to come,” McCall said.  

Whether individuals can give or not, Eppley encourages people to share this event on social media to get the word out about it.  

“It’s just a really good opportunity for a lot of people to come together to support groups all over campus,” Eppley said.  

If you’re interested in having your group join this event, email Megan Eppley at To take part in donating to this event on April 14, go to the event website at or text ODFD to 71777.