Student being investigated for alleged assault

On Saturday, March 20, an alleged assault by a Ferris State student was reported to Big Rapids Department of Public Safety.  

The Torch submitted a FOIA request to Big Rapids DPS but were denied due to it being an open investigation. However, Big Rapids DPS did state that an investigation had been launched and would give more details when the investigation is completed. 

FOX 17 reported police responded to Spectrum Health Big Rapids Hospital where a female individual reported that she had been assaulted in a vehicle by another passenger earlier that morning. Several witnesses have been identified and are being interviewed. 

Ferris State News Services and Social Media Manager Sandy Gholston provided the following statement. 

“Ferris State University is aware of a Big Rapids Department of Public Safety investigation of an incident alleged to have occurred during the late-evening, early-morning hours of Friday, March 19, and Saturday, March 20.” Gholston stated. 

No charges had been filed and no arrests had been made as of Monday morning 

This as a developing story and the The Torch will update it as details become available.