University spends $1 million to make lawn

Photo by: Dylan Bowden | Torch Photographer

Resident halls Taggart and Vandercook are set to be razed during summer of 2021 and replaced by green space and Center of virtual learning.

As of Jan. 19, 2021, the Board of Trustees approved to move forward in the project for a cost of $2,000,000. Taggart hall constructed in 1964 has been empty since 2015 is set to be the future location for green space according to the project’s executive summary.

“On January 19 of 2021, the board approved the com- bined package of projects for both at $2,000,000,” Associ- ate Vice President for physical plant Mike Hughes said.

The budget for the project is separated for $1,000,000 each building and this week

the demolition has started to take place at Taggart hall.

Executive summary for this project states that funding will be provided by Central Univer- sity Funds.

According to Ferris physical plants projects page, asbestos abatement is set to begin this month April 2021. The months set for demolition and site res- toration for the site is for this summer June and July.

Hughes stated that there is a long-term desire to do im- provements for housing on the south side of campus. Until plans mature and become fi- nalized the site of Taggart hall will be green space till then.

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