What if

Marvel's multiverse stories are just starting

Sienna Parmelee | Demo 64

Many streaming services and movie studios have debuted Marvel television shows and movies, but Disney Plus has taken the franchise to new heights. 

“What If”, Disney Plus’ newest release, is a show that reimagines the Marvel stories we all know and love. It has peaked my excitement and I am excited for all the possibilities that come. 

This is your official spoiler warning. Continue at your own risk if you have not seen this show. 

The reason I am so excited for “What If”  is because it handles everything possible that could happen in the multiverse. With this series there are no limitations on what can be created. There are so many stories that inhabit the multiverse and “What If” could tell them all. 

Sienna Parmelee | Demo 64

I believe the decision to create this series in an animated form was the best choice Animation allows the series to create more storytelling opportunities in a shorter time. This means that the full story can be told without skipping parts or assuming that the viewers will pick up pieces, like on the big screen.

In the first three episodes of “What If” they mentioned scenarios that have already played out in the Marvel cinematic universe, however, the trailer revels that there is much more to come of these stories. The first three episodes focused primarily on Steve Rodgers not becoming Captain America and all the changes that would’ve caused, as well as T’Challa being abducted and becoming star-lord. In the newest episode, the avengers are all killed and they never become Earth’s mightiest heroes.  

As a huge Marvel fan I am really enjoying this new series. I appreciate how it tells new stories and provides a different thrill. I hope to see upcoming episodes that include Spider-Man, as he is and always has been my favorite hero. I truly think this new series will reach a big audience. It has the potential to continue for many seasons because of how much material the show runners have to choose from.

Sienna Parmelee | Demo 64

Each of the first three episodes touched on the small aspects of what could happen in the multiverse. It helps to show that anything can happen. In each time frame the biggest thing that hits home is how one small change can lead to future ramifications. For me, the best part of this series is how the show takes one single choice and highlights how it can branch out into all sorts of different realities.