Something New In Store

The campus store is sporting a new design for the new year

Students leaving campus last spring left behind a familiar Ferris. When they came back for the fall semester, a few changes awaited them. One of those changes was a new Ferris Outfitters campus store. 

Construction of the new store began over the summer. During construction, the Ferris Outfitters Instagram often posted progress updates for students to see. They also showed off some of the new items that would be available once the store opened.

Finally, on Aug. 23, the store did a soft opening in anticipation of a larger grand opening towards the end of September. They also had a pop-up store outside Wink Arena for people to visit during move-in.

Now, naming themselves students’ “one-stop-shop”, Ferris Outfitters sports a new layout that provides a more open feel to customers, with a variety of Ferris branded clothing, accessories, school supplies, technology supplies and home goods and decor. Ferris Outfitters also has a section of the store dedicated to offering snack foods and drinks for customers to buy.

Students are enjoying the current design of the store, as well as some of the new clothing choices. One student, Ashlee Porter, said that she liked the store’s latest design and that “the newer stuff will attract more people.”

Sophomore Aidan Hyde also likes the new design.

“I like it, it has a lot of clothes and a good selection,” said Hyde. He also thought the new store would be successful with the new design, “I think it’s pretty evenly laid out and it is not hard to look at stuff.”

The store is also implementing new ways for students to pay for merchandise, including the Ferris Outfitters Charge Program. This program allows students to charge up to $150 at Ferris Outfitters from Aug. 16 to Sept. 4. Ferris will add this charge to the student’s account balance on their e-bill, which they must pay before the end of the semester. If students charge more than $150, they must handle the excess charge with another payment method.

Another means of payment that students can use at Ferris Outfitters is Bulldog Bucks. Students can add Bulldog Bucks to their ID through the MyBulldog Card Portal on the Ferris website, allowing them to use their ID as a debit card.

One thing missing from the store is that they no longer sell textbooks. That service moved online after Ferris partnered with Akademos. Now students can buy their books by going to

So if you’re planning on buying some new Ferris merchandise, school supplies or maybe a snack or two, Ferris Outfitters is waiting for you to visit and pick up whatever you need. You can find Ferris Outfitters on the first floor of the University Center, right beside Starbucks. They’re open Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-8 p.m., Fridays 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and weekends 10 a.m.- 7 p.m.

Students can contact the store by email at or by phone at (989) 591-2649. Students can also follow the store on Instagram at @ferrisoutfitters if they want to keep up to date on anything new happening with the store.