10 Things To Keep In Your Backpack

Things your might want to think about having in your bag

With the school year beginning it’s good to be prepared for the day, whatever may come. Here are ten things you might want to keep in your backpack.

1. Facemasks.
With the university trying to keep students as safe as possible by continuing to ask students to wear masks when in official university buildings, it’s a good idea to always keep a mask on hand. If you walk out the door, forgetting to grab a mask, you can simply grab one from your backpack if you’ve put one there.

2. Hand sanitizer.
Just as it’s a good idea to keep a spare mask in your bag, it’s also a good idea to keep some hand sanitizer in your pocket. There will be many surfaces and door handles you will come in contact with that hundreds of others have also touched. It’s good to try your best in keeping your hands clean by using an anti-bacterial gel to kill off those pesky germs.

3. A water bottle.
It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day, as it can give us a little bit more energy. Keeping a water bottle on you is a good way to easily get a sip of water instead of having to go buy a bottle of water. There are also many areas around campus in which you can refill your bottle. Plus, more people using water bottles means fewer plastic bottles being thrown away.

4. A notebook.
A great way to keep on top of your schoolwork and understand what you are learning in class is by taking notes. Making sure to have a notebook with you can help you to remember things and be a reminder of what your professor has said in class. 

5. Writing utensils.
As the saying goes, you never know when you’ll need a pencil. Make sure to always have a pen and pencil on you, not just for the in-class moments, but for any out-of-class writing you may want to do.

6. A Binder.
Your classes will most likely give you a lot of papers and you’ll want to keep them for future studying. A good way to keep all the papers together and organized is in a binder. Putting your latest papers behind one another, lesson after lesson, so nothing will be out of order.

7. An agenda.
With your classes and the activities around campus, you’ll want to remember the days and times that these events are taking place. Having an agenda can keep this organized, and remind you of upcoming events and due dates. 

8. A portable charger.
Technology is being used more and more every day, including in our classes to complete our school work. It’s important that our devices are fully charged and running, so keeping a portable charger with you in your bag is helpful when your device’s battery becomes low.

9. A laptop.
Almost every college student knows that the best way to get any work done for class is online. Having the right technology is usually known as having a laptop that you can type on, submit documents and take tests.

10. Earbuds.
In our generation music is life. We are constantly listening to it, so having a good pair of earbuds can really make a long day a bit easier to handle. Making sure to have this in your bag is a go-to, especially if you are a music lover.