Run, Hide, Or Fight

Key set of tactics for how to respond to an active shooter

Graphic by: Dylan Bowden | Production M

On Tuesday, Sep 7. the Academic Literacies Center in collaboration with the Department of Public Safety held a workshop on Surviving an Active Shooter Incident.

The workshop was presented by DPS Officer Bill Saunders, which was held in the science building. This workshop was organized by ALC to educate on the resources provided on campus.  The information Saunders presented consisted of explaining the tactics to use when in an active shooter incident.

The set of tactics Officer Saunders presented consisted of knowing the profile, and characteristics of an active shooting. As well as how to respond when an active shooter is in your vicinity.

The tactics explained are:

Get Out, Hide Out, or Take Out!

  • Get Out!
    • Recognize where exits are located
    • Leave all belongings, other than phone
    • Keeps hands insight for law enforcement and follow their commands

If you can’t get out …

  • Hide Out!
    • Find an area that will keep you from the shooter’s view
    • Turn off all lights if possible
    • Keep quiet and silence cell phones
    • Lock the door and block the entryway to the room if possible

If you can’t hide out, or you have been discovered …

  • Take Out!
    • As a last resort and only if in danger, attempt to attack the shooter
    • If possible, call 911 and keep the line open while the phone is set down
    • If there are others around you, join forces on attacking the shooter
    • You are fighting for your life – anything goes!
    • If you or others do not stop the shooter, they will most likely kill you.
  • Call Out!
    • Call 911 as soon as it is safe to do!
    • Concentrate on communicating what you see, hear, etc.
    • Police could still be unaware of the number of attackers present. Exit with empty hands that are in sight, and comply with all commands the police provide

Also, remain mindful of the students, visitors, faculty, or staff in the building that have a disability and may need assistance.

The Department of Public Safety will also arrange to have officers provide active attach training to any group, organization, or class upon request, per DPS.

For more information regarding education and preparedness on active shooter incidents visit the DPS website. If interested in training call DPS (231) 591 – 5000.