Tuca and Bertie: A Show About Character

A Honest Review of the Second Season

The hit show, Tuca and Bertie is an animated adult series was originally picked up by Netflix, who canceled the show after one season. Luckily, Tuca and Bertie got picked up by Adult Swim, which is where the second season aired over the summer. Now the show is a hit! Before the second season even ended, the show was greenlit for a third season. Which makes sense, the second season did get a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

What makes this show so special? Why is this the show that has impressed critics and viewers alike? I believe there are two reasons: the characters and the story.

The show focuses on two adult birds, the titular Tuca and Bertie. Tuca is a rambunctious young woman that knows what she likes. She always speaks her mind and does not shy away from a fight. Bertie is a shy young woman who struggles to understand herself. She tries her best to please people while struggling to please herself. At face value, these main characters do not seem that special, but, with each episode, we learn more and more about them, which makes the series more and more captivating.

Each episode reveals a new layer to our main ladies. One episode reveals that Tuca struggles with family relationships because she was always seen as the destructive little kid of the family. Another episode reveals that Bertie relies on her boyfriend and Tuca for companionship. Every episode of “Tuca and Bertie” is important in the story because each one teaches us more and more about the characters we are rooting for. Each episode succeeds at making us want to spend more time with these two.

This form of character development ties with how wonderful the story is. The character building goes hand-in-hand with the storytelling. For example, one of my favorite episodes of the second season is “The Dance.” Bertie invites Tuca to a carnival to reconnect, only for Tuca to show up as a completely changed person. While they are spending time together, Tuca’s new girlfriend shows up and acts very controlling towards Tuca. During this episode, we learn that Tuca is very impressionable in new relationships and is willing to change to maintain a relationship. The show naturally gives us a new layer to a character while telling the story. It is a perfect balance that keeps the show engaging and interesting.

Overall, I believe “Tuca and Bertie” deserves all the praise it has been receiving. The combination of engaging character development and an intertwining story has made it quite a success. This series is proof that Adult Swim can have character-driven shows and be successful. I look forward to getting more episodes about my favorite birds in the future.

The first season of Tuca and Bertie is only available on Netflix, and the second season is available on the Adult Swim website and Hulu.