Homecoming with meaning: ambassadorship

Learn about what it means to represent Ferris State through the 2021 homecoming ambassador candidates

President Eisler (second from right) and wife (middle) take the field during the homecoming football game with past ambassador, Leonardo Almanza (left), Obermeyer and Melton (right). Photo provided by Ferris Services Digital Media Specialist Hannah Crouch

Homecoming is a time where we celebrate the beginning of school, students returning and, most of all, the Bulldog community gathering together again.

On the Big Rapids campus, students, faculty and the community celebrate homecoming all week long with activities, giveaways, comedians and promoting the homecoming ambassador candidates.

The homecoming ambassador is a student who is selected through votes of the student body, they become a representative of the school throughout the year and they participate in and host many campus events. The Torch Bearer Awards is one such event. This ceremony highlights students who go above and beyond in their work on campus.

For homecoming 2021, there were two candidates the student body would be able to vote for: Emily Obermeyer and Kennedy Melton. Both are seniors who spent months preparing for homecoming week.

Applications for the ambassadorship opened in late May, and, according to Obermeyer, the process to even become a candidate was lengthy.

“When you apply you have to send in a resume and cover letter,” Obermeyer said. “You have to answer short application questions, have an interview with the homecoming committee, then after that, I got working on my digital portfolio. We had a bit of an ambassador kickoff meeting where we got to meet with the whole homecoming team, and they pointed us in the right direction for our next steps.”

The next steps for Obermeyer and Melton were getting their name out there in the community to let people know that they were running for the ambassadorship. It is a long process, but for both ladies, it was worth the work.

For Melton, running for homecoming ambassador was an opportunity for her to give thanks to the university that has been her home for the past five years.

“Ferris has done so much for me,” Melton said. “It’s offered me so many different connections and ways to reach out to people, not only in my major, but through different organizations. It’s also given me opportunities to network with alumni of all different majors and histories.”

Melton has been an active participant in the Student Alumni Gold Club and sorority Phi Sigma Sigma. Not only has her membership in these groups continued her growth in connections, but it is also helping her stay positive throughout her different experiences on campus.

Being a part of student organizations and participating in university events is what contributes to becoming a great representative. A Ferris ambassador is someone who represents the ideals of the university and has a good social network in place, according to

Emily Obermeyer wants to be an example for younger undergraduates. Photo provided by Ferris Services Digital Media Specialist Hannah Crouch


Obermeyer believes she is the perfect example of a well-rounded college student. One who can set an example for younger undergraduates. As a student majoring in information and security intelligence, it is a male-dominated field with few women.

“I would like to be in that position and serve as a role model,” Obermeyer said. “Advocate for other girls who also are struggling to find their place in their major if it’s one that’s male-dominated, or anyone else who feels like they’re in a place where they don’t belong. I definitely want to advocate for that.”

Obermeyer will have the chance to encourage fellow students to find their place, be confident in their major and try something a little out of their comfort zone as she was announced the homecoming ambassador of 2021.

While homecoming 2021 has come to an end, Obermeyer’s ambassadorship has just begun, and the Bulldog community will definitely know her name this year.