Life of a don

Don Toliver goes on a journey to the dark and bright sides of the rich and famous

Don Toliver’s latest album shows that he is the protégé of Travis Scott.

“Life of a Don” is one of his best works, taking listeners on a journey of psychedelic and euphoric sounds. This album is too good, from the production to Toliver’s lyricism on the life of fame and riches. Mike Dean, Metro Boomin and Travis Scott are credited as producers on the album.

Compared to his Gold-selling album “Heaven Or Hell,” the new LP is loaded with trappier hi-hats and harder-hitting 808s. The Houston rapper explains the life of having fame and how it’s not all that it seems to be. While he sulks in his loneliness and heartbreak, he reminds himself he’s a millionaire.

The first couple tracks “XSCAPE,” “5X” and “Way Bigger” come in synth-heavy, with the astral sounds similar to Cactus Jack founder Travis Scott. “Life Of A Don” seems to show Toliver’s change in sound with the ethereal sounds on “5X” with the wobble synths and a prominent bright clave note. “Way Bigger” comes bass drum-heavy, which explains the title and lyrics, “I got bass, but it hit way bigger.”

On “Flocky Flocky” Don is joined by Scott in the first of their two duo tracks of the album. The track features a mix of bright guitar picks and trippy light synth keys along with Scott’s adlibs. This track is a rollercoaster, with its chaotic and moody feel. He then includes his single “What You Need” which gives an underwater, pulsating ethereal sound.

“Double Standards” and “Drugs N Hella Melodies” both go deep in talking about his relationships and the topic of love. In “Drugs N Hella Melodies” he is joined by the soft vocals of Kali Uchis, who brings the whole track together. The track finishes with guitar and synth chords that then lead to the hard-hitting beginning of “2AM.”

“2AM” begins with some hard-hitting bass that transitions smoothly with melodic piano notes that dissolve together flawlessly. The next track “Get Throwed” comes in with bass and piano chords that bring in Toliver to talk about the life of fame and its relation to the word “throwed.”

“Company, Pt. 2” is the follow-up to the “Company” track in his initial album “Heaven Or Hell.” The track being a Metro Boomin production is joined with trappy hi-hats and scattered snare hits along with melodic keys. Don sheds light on his need for company and the love of a female friend.

In the track “OUTERSPACE” he is joined by Baby Keem in a cosmic sound-heavy song that switches to stabbing synths that lead this track to the dark. The track is finished off with production legend Mike Dean on a guitar solo and dark synths.

The 13th track of the album “Smoke” features HVN and SoFaygo in a track that seems to be stuck on repeat, “Smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke.” The following track “You” is the second track Scott appears on. Pulsating synth over a trappy drum beat then leads to the smooth transition of Toliver and Scott’s vocals. Scott comes in filter heavy with his rhyme-on-rhyme rapping, “A lil’ brown skin hurricane, ay, bay-bay, bring the wave, TBA for the time and space, lock the day.”

“Crossfaded” is a track mixed with a variety of synth sounds, making it sound out of this world. The last track “BOGUS” is a fast-paced song with a flute-like sound over a trappy beat. This track was made to be the final song of the album with Don not ending the party “til it’s over.”

Overall, this album is very good! The production mixed with Don Toliver’s smooth vocals makes this album ahead of its time. This is a great album to work out to or just for going on a walk or drive. I would say this shows how much Toliver has grown as an artist and lyricist.