Business and basketball

AMA students learn the business side of basketball

The American Marketing Association visited Little Caesars Arena to learn about how the Pistons marketing department does business. Photo cou

Ferris’s chapter of the American Marketing Association was invited by the Detroit Pistons to join a panel hosted by the organization’s marketing department.

Fifteen Ferris students were welcomed into Little Caesars Arena to have an in depth look into how the organization runs behind the scenes. The panel included a list of employees who helped organize the event, as well as talk about recent developments in the Pistons marketing department.

The speakers shared their career journeys and how they ended up at the Pistons, as well as giving advice to the students for how they can get ready for their time after college. They also gave examples of how to expand their network and get ready for the unique world of sports marketing.

Ferris AMA Vice President Quintin Zinger shared his thoughts on the event.

“I feel the value taken from this event was being able to experience different sides of marketing,” Zinger said. “Sports marketing is very different compared to other types of marketing and being able to learn and get involved with the Detroit Pistons helps create passion and a different venue for people to take as a career choice.”

With groups coming from colleges and universities from across the state of Michigan, Ferris’s AMA applauded the Pistons staff on their ability to communicate and help the event go as smoothly as possible.

President of the American Marketing Association, Nadia Greania, was in direct contact with a Pistons representative Andy Myers, who took over the job half-way through the event was being organized, adding stress onto an already stressful period.

“I had to begin contact with the new person in the position,” Greania said. “We were afraid they weren’t going to let us go to the event because they already invited too many students.”

Luckily, with all the confusion, the group was able to make it to the panel, albeit 30 minutes earlier than expected. Myers and the Pistons organization apologized for the challenges in scheduling and communication.

After the event, the Pistons gifted all of those in attendance with shirts, hats, and rally towels. Once fitted with merchandise, attendees were welcomed into the rest of Little Caesars Arena and encouraged to explore all of what the venue has to offer.

With about an hour in between the end of the panel and the start of the game, fans stayed busy. The staff offered entertainment on the court, games throughout the concourse, and artifacts from Detroit sports history.

The Pistons kept the fans on their seats, staying within ten points the whole night against the Brooklyn Nets. While the arena was split between Nets and Pistons fans, the young core of Detroit kept it a close game against the veteran Brooklyn Nets team. Budding stars like Cade Cunningham and Sadiq Bey reminded the fans of the bright future in store for Detroit.

Though Brooklyn teetered with Detroit for the lead, it was a last second foul that sealed the deal for the Nets.

“Being in AMA has created a whole new college experience for me socially,” Zinger said. “I’ve networked and got to know every member of the AMA, and trips like these often bring me closer to everyone that goes.”

Members of AMA have worked together to better their college careers, all doing their part to make the best out of their time at Ferris State University.