Editor’s Column: Thanksgiving

This is the last edition before our week off for Thanksgiving. I can not believe the speed of which the semester flew by this year.

It’s going by way too fast for my liking. I still have so much I want to do and I only have a little more than one semester left to get it done. But that’s another story.

This week I would like to give my thoughts on Thanksgiving. To me, it’s an odd holiday. It’s one where the backstory is always a little different, even a little “Disney-fied” over what the actual story is. Like, the holiday was literally started as a celebration of a bunch of settlers not getting killed off in their first year here in North America thanks to the help of Natives who ended up being eventually chased out by these same people.

The day itself is overrated in my opinion. There just isn’t much to it. Think about it, what celebrations do we really have around the world? Nothing. It’s an American holiday that mostly just revolves around eating turkey, watching the mediocre/terrible Lions football and Black Friday. Oh, and usually Michigan and Ohio State play the Saturday after, a big family tradition.

That’s not to say that I don’t like the holiday. It gives me a chance to be with my family, which I value highly. Getting to see grandparents, especially when I have five of them, is one of the major perks of the holiday. Anytime I get to see them nowadays is something I’ve been trying to jump on. Especially my grandparents in Ohio, who I intend on visiting during this break.

In the past I’d even get to see my uncles and cousins who live all around the state. It used to be a great day to be around the Calverts (my mothers family). Obviously COVID has ruined those plans as of late, and who really knows if we’ll ever have a Thanksgiving like that again since we’re all getting older and moving on with our lives.

If that continues then I guess it he holiday will continue to lose its luster for me. If not then maybe the holiday will continue to be more meaningful than a glorified family dinner, which I want to reiterate, I’m not complaining about.

For me, the most that it does for me is give me a solid springboard for a busy December that see’s my birthday, Christmas, New years, the end of the semester here, among other things that I am planning to do in December. Thanksgiving is a kick off to a busy time in my life. Odd for a break.

I look forward to the time off, I hope everyone on my staff can use the week to relax and get ready for the final weeks of the semester. They’ve all put some hard work in and I want them to both use this extra holiday to create even better stories and get their minds in the right spot for finals week, which is right around the corner.