Breaking back in after break

How some students spent their winter break

Graphic by: Sienna Parmelee | Productions Assistant

After a long and busy semester, Ferris students finally made it to their well-deserved winter break and got to spend it however they imagined.  

Sophomore Robert Palmer lives in Berkley, Michigan. He spent part of his winter break celebrating one of his family’s annual traditions.

Every year my family and I go “after Christmas” shopping because of all the good deals that occur in our area,” Palmer said. 

Palmers’ family tradition was a good way to see and bond with his family, even if they just spent the time window shopping. 

“We didn’t buy anything, but I still had a fun time spending my holiday with my family,” Palmer said. “As I see them very rarely, [with me] being on the other side of the state.”  

As this is a tradition Palmer and his family have been doing for years, he has seen it change with the current state of the world. 

“This year it was different,” Palmer said. “When COVID first pushed its way into [the] world, stores and malls were not even considering opening. Hell, the thought of shopping during that time was simply all that it could be, a thought.”  

Although Palmer and his family stayed safe this winter break, COVID-19 was a very present and common theme in his town, where the guidelines are a lot stricter. 

“The forethought of COVID was a massive culture side when visiting the east side of the state,” Palmer said. “There were a lot more restrictions than there are here in the west.” 

Sophomore Jenna Pasfield lives in Howell, Michigan. She spent her break with friends and family. She managed to go out and have a fun time while staying safe and healthy.  

I am currently vaccinated with my booster, and I still wear a mask in public places,” Pasfield said.  

She got to celebrate Christmas with all her family, where they ate dinner and opened gifts. For New Years, she went out with a couple of her friends. 

At the beginning of her break, she and a few friends decided to go on a road trip. 

“My roommates and I asked [our friend] if she was interested in going to the Appalachian mountains with us,” Pasfield said. 

This spontaneous plan stemmed from their love of the outdoors, as well as wanting to do something fun over break. 

“We all love being outside in nature,” Pasfield said. “So, we all [alternated] driving [for] nine hours and stayed in a shed in the woods,” Pasfield said. 

They spent their time enjoying nature, the mountains and getting away to experience something new.  

“[There was] no electricity or plumbing, and we hiked for like two days,” Pasfield said. 

Going on a road trip is a great way to start off your break, especially to destress after a long semester.  

Winter break is always full of opportunities to have fun and get a chance to relax, while also staying safe.  

Hopefully, everyone had a nice, safe break and enjoyed their holidays. Welcome back!