Staff spotlight: Noah Kurkjian

Marissa Russell | Demo 64

I happened upon my passion for journalism quite by accident. I needed to fill my third-hour slot in the last trimester of my junior year of high school and randomly selected “writing for print media” not knowing what was in store for me. I ended up learning that I loved delivering the news and sniffing out the story. It captivated me so much that I ended up designing independent studies for myself so I could keep digging deeper and deeper into the craft. I was blessed with a passionate educator who matched my energy and wanted me to succeed.

At Ferris, I have been able to further my journalistic abilities with the Torch. From copy editor to a reporter to special editions editor and now news editor, I have been able to do pretty much everything I could dream of trying my hand at. Right now, my focus as the news editor is to get my reporters the opportunity to cover not only things, they are passionate about but also once-in-a-career events.

When I’m not wearing my news editor hat, you can likely catch me at home. I’ll likely be parked in front of my switch, a book, some adult animation shows or working on some strange tech MacGyver project.

Fast facts about me: I am a coffee connoisseur, yet Starbucks regular, oat milk enthusiast, averse to harsh lighting, kind of an Apple snob, slip-on Vans are the only shoes I wear, I simply refuse to wear any glasses that aren’t aviator style and I recently accidentally killed a succulent I had kept alive for three years.