Editor’s Column: The Curse of the BS

As Ferris hockey wrapped up its final homestand, I was in the building for the second time this season. Running Red Out, I was tasked with running a few events, one of which being that I present a giant check on the ice.  

Throughout much of the night, I sat outside the arena running the table and making sure everything was running smoothly. I kept an eye out on the television, which broadcasted the game. We were up 4-2 in the 3rd period, so I was confident that this would be the night that broke the curse. 

The Curse of the BS. 

We had to present the giant check to Spectrum in the 3rd period with about ten minutes left. The moment I stepped into the arena getting ready to present this check, Ferris not only allowed one goal, but they also allowed the game to be tied. In the two minutes that I was near the ice, the team imploded. 

Quickly, after presenting the check on the ice, I left the building. I wanted the team to experience a victory on senior night. But, it was too late. The Bulldogs would end up losing in a shootout to Michigan Tech (though it goes into the records as a tie).

Now, I will be honest. I am superstitious. When the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship in 2016, I did not watch more than the final four minutes of game seven. Why? Because the Cavs would play terribly when I watched. If I did not pay attention, they would have a chance at beating Golden State. Which they did. 

Or this season with my sports betting approach. I had calculated that teams had a 30% win percentage on teams that I bet on. Naturally, I needed to get my Pittsburgh Steelers to the playoffs, and my best bet was through spending money. Going by the odds, I put $40 on the Indianapolis Colts beating the Jacksonville Jaguars, and $10 on the Baltimore Ravens beating the Steelers. Name another person who was actively betting against their favorite team.

The best part? It worked. The Colts lost to the 3-14 Jaguars team, and the Steelers beat the Ravens to sneak into the playoffs. I used my curse to get my Steelers into the playoffs.

The Curse of the Bambino was a superstitious sports curse in the MLB derived from the 86-year championship drought of the Boston Red Sox between 1918 and 2004. The superstition was named after Babe Ruth, colloquially known as “The Bambino,” who played for the Red Sox until he was sold to the New York Yankees in 1920.  

According to a survey of 2,400 American’s commissioned by Tipico Sportsbook found that people who regularly watch or attend sporting events finds that 62 percent have blamed themselves for their team’s loss. A lot of that has to do with not wearing the right shirt or moving from their usual spot on the couch during the game. These superstitions go beyond respondents themselves: 38 percent feel someone in their family is “bad luck.” Of those fans, 84 percent have asked an unlucky individual to leave the room when the game is on.

I am not saying I’m Babe Ruth, or that I consistently make my mom leave the room when the Pittsburgh Steelers are on, but since Ferris hockey is 0 – 15 when I have been in the building, I see a pattern that should get me banned from the Jim Wink Arena. 

I saw this trend last year and even joked about it. I knew that I hadn’t covered a victory in my sophomore year, naturally I thought it was just an off-year. In my junior year, I split time covering hockey with Brody Keiser. Still, we consistently lost. Brody was able to cover the lone victory of the year.

But this year, I promised myself that, out of respect for coach Bob Daniels and the hockey team, I would not attend a Ferris hockey game. Until I had to run this event, I did not attend a single game. Ferris has now earned their best record since I have come to Ferris, going 10-21-1 with two games left to be played. 

Naturally, in the two games that I came to, the Bulldog hockey team lost. Increasing my impressive record to rival that of the 2007 Detroit Lions.  

Since I am a senior, brighter days may be ahead for Bulldog hockey. Just imagine, if I do not step foot on campus next year, how good we might be!