Bulldog hockey season comes to an end

Coaches and players reflect on this past season

The 2021-22 hockey season may have ended the same way the 2020-21 season did, but there was vast overall improvement.

For the second year in a row, Ferris lost in the first round of the conference playoffs. Last year, Ferris finished the season 1-23-1 and lost to Minnesota State in the conference playoffs.

This season, the Bulldogs improved their record to 11-24-1 and had back-to-back overtime losses against nationally ranked Michigan Tech in the CCHA playoffs on March 4 and 5.

“It’s [kind of] mixed emotions for me,” head coach Bob Daniels said. “On the one hand, [we’re] obviously disappointed that we didn’t win the series. On the other end of things, I was really proud of the guys with how they played and how they performed. I really thought that, particularly in the second half of the year, the team got better.”

Daniels’ pride wasn’t isolated to the two playoff games though. He is satisfied with how his team played throughout the entire year and how they kept pushing through. Daniels also believes the improvement in comparison to the 2020-21 season to be “laying the foundation.”

The Bulldogs went 9-16-1 in conference play. This is a vast improvement from last year’s 0-11-1 conference record.

Now that the offseason is here, the coaches and players have their sights set on next October.

“The offseason is where it really shines,” freshman goaltender Noah Giesbrecht said. “You come into camp, and you can tell which players took it seriously and who didn’t.  Offseason is something I take very seriously. Giving it 100% effort, always being diligent, being careful with your body. It’s just pushing through the offseason when some players aren’t and you’ll get the results you want when the season starts.”

Giesbrecht joined the Bulldogs late into the season after transferring from the University of Windsor. Giesbrecht solidified Ferris’ goaltending as he and sophomore goaltender Logan Stein split most starts this past season.

Giesbrecht is a bright spot on the young team, finishing his season with a .894 save percentage through 11 games played. However, Giesbrecht isn’t the only bright spot.

Freshman forward Bradley Marek, who was just named CCHA Rookie of the Year, and secured a position on CCHA’s All Rookie team, came in third place for goals and tied second for points for the Bulldogs.

“You always hear about sophomore slumps, but I’m definitely dedicated to progressing my game and not worrying about that sophomore slump,” Marek said. “I know what I can do and bring to the table. I proved that this year, now I just have to go back and do it again and build off that. I believe in us and I believe in our team. I have no doubt playing my role. I know what I’m capable of. I’m happy with what we have going and what’s coming in the future.”

Avoiding a sophomore slump would greatly help the blossoming Bulldog squad.

With every offseason, there are additions and subtractions. There were six seniors on the team this season. Three seniors have the opportunity to sign elsewhere and move forward with their careers, or they can return to Ferris for a fifth year. Seniors Liam MacDougall and Ethan Stewart have signed with ECHL teams. MacDougall is with the Cincinnati Cyclones and Stewart is with the Tulsa Oilers. Senior forward Marshall Moise has no eligibility left.

Fellow seniors Roni Salmenkangas, Justin Michaelian and Brendon Michaelian still have a decision to make.

The transfer portal is also a source of concern during the offseason.

“The only thing that’s going to keep me up at night is the transfer portal. The one time transfers and what that could mean,” Daniels said. “We’re [still] early. It’s hard to see. In some respects, we might be able to pluck a player. In other respects, we could lose a player too. It’ll be interesting to see how that whole thing unfolds.”

The Bulldogs’ offseason is well under way. With players training in the weight room and coaches putting in work for additions, there’s much to come for Bulldog hockey.

Final stats of the season


  • Led team in goals, assists and points: Senior forward Justin Michaelian (8 G, 23 A, 31P in 35 GP)
  • Led team in penalty minutes: Senior forward Marhall Moise (25 penalties, 50:00 minutes)
  • Led team in +/- : Freshman forward Kaleb Ergang (+/- of 2)


  • Total faceoff percentage: 50.3% (1,111 faceoffs won out of 2,208 total)

Special teams:

  • Powerplay: 13.2% (16 powerplay goals on 121 powerplays)
  • Penalty kill: 74.8% (116 kills on 155 penalty kills)


Logan Stein:

  • 26 games played (23 games started)
  • .885 save percentage (79 goals allowed, 608 saves made)
  • 3.60 Goals Allowed on Average

Noah Giesbrecht:

  • 11 games played (8 games started)
  • .894 save percentage (32 goals allowed, 269 saves made)
  • 3.21 Goals Allowed on Average

Roni Salmenkangas:

  • 8 games played (3 games started)
  • .840 save percentage (17 goals allowed, 89 saves made)
  • 4.45 Goals Allowed on Average

Carter McPhail:

  • 6 games played (0 games started)
  • .920 save percentage (2 goals allowed, 23 saves made)
  • 2.74 Goals Allowed on Average