Marissa Russell | Demo 64

I joined the Torch soon after starting here at Ferris. The choice to join the Torch has been most definitely fulfilling. With my majoring in sports communication and minoring in multimedia journalism, I have found the perfect balance in writing for sports.

The connections I have made through my (short) time with the Torch have been nothing short of incredible. I’m a massive hockey guy and being able to talk to others who live and breathe the sport has fulfilled me to my core.

The staff I work with here are amazing. All members are supportive and some of the finest people I’ve met in my time with Ferris.

Before I came to Ferris, I grew up in the village of Sparta. At Sparta High School I was an anchor for my school’s daily news show.

I never had too much of an interest in journalism before my job with the Torch. My past jobs were the usually dead end retail or fast food service jobs. Neither of those businesses were spectacular. Being at the Torch has re-awoken my love for writing.

When I finish my time at Ferris, I’d like to work in a large sports market. Ideally, I’d like to work for a sports team or a sports network.