Every penny counts

‘Do’s and ‘Don’t’s of saving money on campus

It is 2022 and tuition prices nationwide have never been higher. Fortunately, there are ways for college students to protect their savings account while putting in the work for their degree. 

DO use campus resources 

Ferris offers a wide variety of free services for students, such as counseling, tutoring, and even professional clothing from the University Center’s First Lady’s Attic. Keep an eye on the campus calendar for free events, especially if food is offered.  

DON’T buy new textbooks 

Brand-new textbooks can cost students hundreds of dollars. Spending that much money on something that will be used for around four months is unnecessary. Ferris’ online bookstore offers many used or rental opportunities for nearly every textbook ever published. Also, consider buying used books directly from other students. Finally, look for e-book options to eliminate the risk of damage or late fees. These are also typically more cost-effective because no physical material is involved.   

DO use up that meal plan 

If students purchase a meal plan before the semester starts, it is best to use it to its fullest extent. There is no need to spend hard-earned money on Culver’s or Applebee’s when you have a card full of meal swipes. 

Find variety on campus. Visit the Rock or the Market any day of the week, or stop in at the Quad or Erbert & Gerbert’s on weekdays.   

DON’T lose your student ID 

All students get their first MyBulldog ID card for free. After that, replacements are $25. There are stores and restaurants all across the state that offer student discounts to anyone who can prove their enrollment with their ID.  

DO carpool 

While the Ferris campus is fairly small, it certainly helps to have a car to get from place to place. Once you form a carpool group, there is no need to spend money on gas, bus fare, or Bird Scooters. You can cut back on carbon emissions and help your savings account in one fell swoop.