and where we’re going

Start with Editor in Chief Noah’s column “Why we’ve changed“. 

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Torch! If you’ve picked up our paper before, then you may have noticed a change: this section’s name. My name is Giuliana Denicolo, and I’m the first Culture Editor here at the Torch!

This used to be the Lifestyles section, but after some thought, the Torch staff decided that it was too restrictive of a section name. “Culture” includes a bigger and more varied demographic, which allows all students’ voices to be heard.

This year we also plan on having some reoccurring segments that highlight our differences. Fundamentally, we want to focus on who we are instead of how we chose to live our lives or, in other words, our “lifestyles.”

If you want to speak your voice and talk about who you are, then please reach out to the Torch. We want to embrace what makes us unique and give everyone a platform so that they feel heard and understood. Never hesitate to reach out; we welcome you to share your stories. Pitch us ideas or submit a guest column to, or follow the submission form on our website. We look forward to broadening our horizons with you!