CAPS hosts annual on-campus job fair

Learn the firsthand benefits of on-campus job openings

With the goal of specializing in the exploration of careers, sharing purposeful experiences and attainting essential skills, the office of Career and Professional Success will kick off the new year with new opportunities.

On Tuesday, Aug. 30, the CAPS office is hosting an on-campus student job fair from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the newly named David L. Eisler Center. Students will be able to meet employers from 25 departments, such as the Anti-Violence Alliance, Clinical Laboratory Sciences and the Registrar’s Office, who are collectively hoping to fill over 200 student positions.

Michele Albright, a career readiness specialist and business liaison, said via email that the CAPS office hosts numerous recruitment and job fairs annually, which allows them to collaborate with Ferris’ various offices and colleges.

“There are hundreds of students and jobs on campus, and our goal is to match as many students with these as possible,” Albright said. “We know that, statistically, students that are involved in on-campus jobs are more likely to do well in their classes, find a sense of belonging, have a more rewarding college experience, persist to degree completion and be career-ready when they depart our university.”

Social work student Madeleine Howard currently holds a clerical position in the IT Department’s central office. In this position she answers emails and phone calls, pays invoices, makes deliveries and hosts meetings.

“My favorite aspect about the job is how flexible it is with my school schedule,” Howard said. “I can leave for an hour for my class and then come back to do the rest of my shift. I wouldn’t be able to do that with any off-campus job.”

Howard used to work at Jimmy Johns, where there was not as much flexibility or understanding. Joining the IT Department was a pleasant change.

“When I first got hired [in the IT Department], I was told you can only work 24 hours a week during the school year,” Howard said. “I didn’t know if I would like that much, but I really think it’s beneficial because your employers are not scheduling you 30 to 35 hours… I think being able to tell your boss your schedule and have them work around it… is very beneficial.”

Howard says, compared to her previous employer, her current boss is also more understanding if she needs to take an entire day off.

While Howards’ major and on-campus job concern different fields, she says she will still be able to use her leadership experience and the skills she’s picked up, such as delegating tasks, multitasking and organizing, in her future career.

Students aren’t just limited to gaining skills from their on-campus positions, either. These can also be found in the CAPS office. When students are interested in seeking employment, Albright says the CAPS office is able to help engage students in life design and “career support through all stages of career development, from getting to know oneself, exploring opportunities, planning and decision making and taking action.”

Albright also said that the upcoming job fair is a great opportunity for students and departments to network and learn about all the services the CAPS office has to offer.

Students who are interested in obtaining an on-campus position can begin preparing their resumes and signing up for the job fair via Handshake, or they can contact the CAPS office directly for more advice and guidance.