Top 5 movies to get you ready for school

If our favorite movie character can conquer this semester, so can we

As a fan of almost every movie genre, I have had the pleasure of watching many movies revolving around schools. Today I bring you my top five movies to get you into the school mood.

#1. Ferris Buellers Day Off

I adore this film. It’s a ton of fun, both on its own terms and in terms of nostalgia, and I’m all for going against the grain, going against the rules, etc. But it is impossible to deny the awfulness of Ferris’ character.

Bueller’s hijinks of lying to his parents and school officials, convincing his best friend to take his father’s car, and elaborately sneaking his girlfriend out of class all for a day off is ridiculous, but is what makes the movie so enjoyable.

I don’t agree with most of the things we were all witness to in this classic but the one thing I can agree with is sometimes you just need a day off with your friends.

#2. The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a critique of making hasty decisions, categorizing things right away, stereotyping, having preconceived views and judging people solely on their most obvious characteristics.

To put it another way, it represents a rejection of how high school and the larger world typically operates. It is a rebel shout throughout the 97 minutes of youthful pranks, daring both its characters and the audience to defy convention and think and feel for themselves.

This classic shows us that not all friend groups make sense and that’s perfectly okay.

#3. Monsters University

Mike Wazowski’s desired career and college major have been intertwined since he was a little child. He therefore finds out that he is not at the top of his class and must work hard to succeed in his own methods when he enrolls in Monsters University prepared to revolutionize his academic route.

He runs across his competitor, who will eventually become his friend, and the two of them collaborate to fulfill their ambitions in their dream majors.

Concerned that your major may be too challenging or that the competition may be too fierce? Learn from Mike’s example: When you’re in a new environment and pushing yourself academically, it’s normal to feel uncertain.

#4. Toy Story 3

When Andy grows up and prepares to leave for college, the toys in Toy Story 3 unintentionally end up being donated to a new, frightening home. The toys are aware of their difficult but necessary decision to move on as they return to Andy’s home.

We understand that starting a new school and meeting new people all at once can be intimidating. Just remember that everyone else is probably experiencing similar emotions to your own, and even Ferris graduates can recall what it was like to make that decision.

Growth and change are never easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t survive and thrive here. Plus, even if you pass your best childhood mementos onto new owners, you’ll never have to leave the memories behind.

#5. Pitch Perfect

Becca is a fresh college student who reluctantly joins an a cappella group, where she makes a whole new set of friends and sets out to win a competition through entertaining music mashups and harmonic smackdowns.

If you don’t believe you’ll join the right group in college. Think again. There are many groups and organizations at Ferris including ones with academic themes, outdoor-themed clubs, political and religious organizations and many others.

Although you may be attending college to learn and gain a degree, there is much more to it than that. Ferris offers a massive amount of extracurriculars. Now is the time to get out there!