Phi Sigma Kappa partners with drink protection company

The anti-spiking scrunchie

The Ferris State chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa has partnered with NightCaps, a company that manufactures products that prevent drink spiking.

NightCaps’ featured product is the NightCap scrunchie. These are scrunchies you can wear on your wrist or in your hair, and if you feel uncomfortable at a party or gathering, you can remove the drink cover from the scrunchies’ hidden pocket and place it over your drink. Then, pop in a straw to safely consume your beverage.

According to the NightCap website, these covers can also protect your drink from “bugs, debris and other particles.”

Cody Adkins, a marketing major and member of the Ferris State chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa, bought 250 NightCap scrunchies to give out during their open house on Aug. 26 and Phi Sig Fest on Aug. 27.

Co-founder and CEO of NightCaps Shirah Benarde gave a shout out to Phi Sigma Kappa on Sunday, Aug. 21, for partnering with NightCaps while showing a picture of Cody Adkins lying in a pile of Nightcaps while against the greek letters of his fraternity.

Bernade was happy to see fraternities buy the NightCaps and help promote drink spiking awareness.

“When I see colleges and fraternities carrying NightCap, I feel like we are making a difference in the places that need change. I am hoping to see more awareness brought to these topics so we can create a better future for students around the world,” Bernade said.

Adkins found out about the NightCaps through a TikTok video that showed individuals at Kennesaw State passing them out around campus. He immediately went on the NightCaps website and bought them in bulk. A few days later, he went back on TikTok and saw that Bernade gave them a shout out that had accumulated 96.4 thousand likes.

“I really appreciated that,” Adkins said. “[In the video] she said, ‘Girls and boys, our fraternity men our protecting us now,’ and I was like, that’s exactly what we’re trying to do here. We’re trying to break that stereotype everyone sees in movies,… but while that stereotype still isn’t completely nonexistent, we’d like to be apart of the solution, rather than part of the problem.”

Senior Lydia Reynolds heard about the fraternity’s progress, and she agrees that it’s a good step in the right direction.

“I think that [our] campus needs to start listening to their students more, so I do appreciate the fact that this fraternity is taking the time to fix things and acknowledging that there is an issue.” Reynolds said.

Another student said that she always has a good time at Phi Sigma Kappa events and that the fraternity always takes care of people if they need help and always lends a hand if needed.

If you’re interested in buying a NightCap online, go to to support drink spiking awareness.