“The Office” comes to Ferris for homecoming

Oscar Nuñez and Brian Baumgartne from Scranton to Big Rapids

Image courtesy of NBC. Graphic by: Sienna Parmelee | Production Assistant

“The Office” co-stars Oscar Nuñez and Brian Baumgartne have been named Ferris’ 2022 homecoming comedians.

The show will take place on Sept. 21, 2022, at the William’s Auditorium. Tickets are now available at the David L. Eisler Center’s information desk. Tickets run $10 for students and $20 for non-students.

Nuñez and Baumgartner became household names as “Oscar Martinez” and “Kevin Malone” on NBC’s Emmy-winning, widely popular series “The Office.” Now, they are heading out on the speaking circuit with a new, one-of-a-kind program titled “Everything The Office.”

In this moderated conversation, the two take audiences behind the scenes, sharing stories and details on how the show was filmed, discussing their relationship with the cast and crew and engaging in a Q&A session.

It has been nine years since “The Office’s” series finale premiered, and people still have a special spot in their hearts for the witty comedy.

For the people who don’t remember, “The Office” is the much adored mockumentary about working in the office of Dunder Mifflin, a paper company. It was and remains one of the most viewed shows in television history.

Malone was a lovable but socially-challenged member of the accounting team. Martinez was also part of the accounting crew and was the often sarcastic and impatient gay, Mexican member of the team. Martinez being gay and Mexican, as

well as Malone’s odd and out of sync behaviors were often topics of discussion in the show, which made light of the many uncomfortable conversations people of any ethnic, social or economic background might face at work or otherwise. No one was spared. It’s part of what made “The Office” revolutionary. The unspoken discomfort was always in the spotlight, and as a viewer you had to share it with the characters.

Nuñez and Baumgartner have worked closely throughout the years since “The Office” ended. Nuñez often joins Baumgartner on his podcast “Off the Beat,” where they talk about behind the scenes stories from “The Office,” which is the reason they started touring the country together. Freshmen Madi Hart has been watching “The Office” for a long time and can’t believe that this is happening in her first year.

“When I saw the poster, I internally screamed. I couldn’t believe it. These are people that I grew up watching, and now I get to see them in person. I can’t wait,”Hart said.

General business freshmen Kariss Selby has been watching the show for a few years now.

“I started watching “The Office” my freshmen year of high school. I like it because of [the] unmatched, witty comedy that the show provided me when I felt sad or lonely,” Selby said.

Last year we had Whitney Cummings, the co-creator of the hit show “2 Broke Girls” as our Homecoming comedian. Her performance at Ferris was a part of her“Touch Me” tour, which was the first in person comedy show Ferris has hosted since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

In the past we have had comedians from all different brands of comedy, from John Mulaney, via a pandemic-era virtual format, to the singer and comedian BoBurnham, as well as Marlon Waynes. To say the least, Ferris knows how to pick their Homecoming comedians, and the audience is rarely disappointed.