EDITOR’S COLUMN: We want to hear from you

Something I often forget when working at the Torch is that we’re not the only ones with something to say.

While at our core we have a wonderful staff of reporters and editors contributing to our written content, nothing makes me giddier than running a guest submission. 

Not only do I work to make our in-house coverage more expansive, diverse and inclusive, but part of the mission in the switch from Lifestyles to Culture was to elevate unique voices. Sometimes the best way to do that is to step aside and let those voices speak for themselves. These submissions allow us to amplify stories and voices we may not otherwise have the opportunity to do ourselves. Sometimes we just may not have the expertise or perspective necessary to communicate certain topics to our readership.

That’s where the community comes in. We love hearing from our readers. Whether you want to give us feedback on an article, further the discussion on a topic we have already covered or submit something you have written for our consideration, we gleam when we get the notifications.

We’ll take letters to the editor, guest columns and opinions, and if you’ve got the desire to chase after a story yourself, we’d love to see what you’ve got. There are only about 30 of us Torchies, but hundreds upon thousands of readers with their own unique view of the world, and we want to hear from you.

So, what are we looking for? Well, that’s really up to you. Want to share what your culture means to you? We’ll take it. Want to see a change in the community? Awesome, write something up and use our platform to help advocate for change. Got an opinion on the world around us? Lovely, we want to hear it.

We also still plan to do our monthly special editions this year, starting in October with a special edition for the midterm general election. We’re also always interested in suggestions for topics, or for contributions to the special editions themselves.

If you’ve got something on your mind, write out around 500 words on the topic and a short biography about yourself, why you chose to speak on the matter and send it to us. From there, we’ll read it, edit it, decide if and where it fits and soon you could be published. 

We’d love to hear from you or read what you have to write. Reach out via email to fsutorcheditor@nullgmail.com, or drop us a line on social media @fsutorch.