Get to know the Third Parties

You know about Democrats and Republicans, but do you know what the others stand for?

Libertarian Party: The Libertarian Party is a political party in the U.S. that promotes non-interventionism, which is a political philosophy that opposes interference in the domestic politics and affairs of other countries, laissez-faire capitalism, which is an economic philosophy of free-market capitalism that opposes government intervention, civil liberties. This Libertarian Party also wants to limit the size and scope of the government. Although libertarianism originated as a left-wing party, it is often associated with right-wing politics. Libertarians believe that the government should be kept out of the decision in abortions, that the government should not force people to pay taxes and that schools should be privatized. They also feel hostile towards government programs that cause environmental harm. The Libertarian Party is also the third biggest political party in the United States.

MICHIGAN Candidate: Mary Buzuma, Ottawa County resident.


U.S Taxpayers Party: The U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan is the Michigan affiliation of the Constitution Party. The Constitution Party platform is based on their interpretations of the Constitution and principles from the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Bible.They believe in banning abortion and giving parents unimpeded rights to provide education for their children. They also oppose any taxes that exceed what the government needs to function, and they support realistic efforts to preserve the environment and reduce pollution. Since March 2016, the rules and bylaws of the U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan were not available for the public to know.

MICHIGAN Candidate: Donna Brandenburg, Kent County resident


Green Party: The Green Party is a “grassroots,” national political party. According to their slogan, they are a party for “We the People” and the health of the planet and future generations. Everything they do is based on their four pillars, which are peace, ecology, social justice and democracy. The Green Party is considered a left-wing party. Members of the Green Party are committed to feminism, social and economic equality for women, which includes reproductive rights and ending gender-based hate crimes. They also advocate for a fair tax system that is based on principles of social equality. They believe that schools should provide everyone with knowledge and a full range of skills to participate in society, and they wish to stop runaway climate change and phase-out nuclear and coal power plants.

MICHIGAN Candidate: Kevin Hogan, Wayne County resident


Natural Law Party: The Natural Law Party was founded to “bring the light of science into politics” and to oppose the political influence of special interest groups. This party does not have specific, set platforms, which allows candidates to run for office according to their independent principles. They want to minimize the federal government’s role as a “micromanager” in the energy marketplace. The Natural Law Party seeks to prevent abortions through educational programs, wants a flat tax that will stimulate the economy while paying debts, advocates for scientifically proven education programs and wants to create a future in which renewable, nonpolluting, inexpensive energy is abundantly available.

MICHIGAN Candidate: Daryl Simpson, Genesee County resident