Peter Boie: the non-believing magician

Magician performs for family, friends and skeptics

Peter Boie performed a “perplexing” candy-filled show called “Magician for the Non-Believers” in honor of Bulldog Family and Friends weekend.

Students and visiting loved ones gathered in the David L. Eisler Center Ballrooms on Saturday, Oct. 22. Boie, booked by the registered student organization Entertainment Unlimited, came to Big Rapids to display “astonishing magic and [have] a good time.”

Like many other celebrity guests invited by EU, Boie engaged with Ferris attendees during his show for laughs and a friendly show environment. To begin the act, he selected one “sucker” from the audience. Gabriel Swartout came to the show to visit family, but ended up being part of the finale.

“At the start of the show, [Boie] had me pick a random Tootsie Pop and lick it the entire show until I reached the middle,” Swartout said. “I wasn’t sure the reasoning, but I got a free sucker out of it.” 

Swartout took the entire show, nearly 200 licks, to reach the center of the Tootsie Pop. He believes his “hard work paid off.”

“I didn’t expect to be apart of the finale trick when I was the first person to be called up. It’s very impressive that [Boie] was able to have a predetermined guess of how many licks and the flavor I had was,” Swartout said.

Pre-pharmacy freshman Bradyen Dayton handed off his student ID to Boie for a trick. While it appears that the magician had sliced through the card, Dayton was “befuddled and perplexed” to see that Boie had switched out the student’s ID without anyone noticing.

“When he went to cut the envelopes, there was a little resistance,” Dayton said. “He had to go all the way through. It made me a little nervous that he just cut my ID, but he didn’t. When he went to open the envelope, his ID was in there instead of mine, and all I could think of was, ‘Oh my god. What just happened?’”

Dayton called the show “amazing,” rated it a 10/10 and recommended that everyone who has the chance goes to see Boie.

Boie has performed for such celebrities as musician Neil Young, quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots football team. He first became fascinated with magic at the age of eleven when he stumbled across a magic book at his local library. Boie now travels around the country performing his award-winning magic that defies logic. 

The title of the show is about being honest with his audience. Boie doesn’t believe in magic, but he will convince the audience for the length of his show.  Combining original mind-blowing magic and a heavy dose of humor is his secret to success and why it’s made him one of the top-booked college acts around the country

Upcoming EU celebrity events include “Chris Fleming: Ghost Hunter” in early November.