Jazz It Up

Ferris' jazz band's fall performance

Mellow and sophisticated sounds of jazz music filled the Williams Auditorium the night of Ferris’ jazz band’s fall concert.

The young musicians have been working hard since the third week of the semester to put on this performance. Although there was a shortage of fans in the crowd, that didn’t stop attendees from packing the auditorium with cheers and adoration for the sweet-sounding music and talented musicians.

Electrical engineering freshman Logan Hargreaves plays the trumpet and synthesizer, and he performed five solos at the fall concert. He feels free when playing music in the band.

Hargreaves believes that because of their director, Matthew Moresi, the atmosphere of the music building doesn’t feel like it needs to be serious all of the time.

“That’s kind of the air around the whole music building. It doesn’t have to be strict to be considered good,” Hargreaves said.

This is dental hygiene senior Morgan Olsen’s fourth year in the jazz band. As a freshman, she played with other bands at Ferris, but ultimately decided to stick with this one.

“Do it for fun, do whatever you want to do and it’s better to try than wish you had,” Olsen said.

Moresi is cherished by his students because he doesn’t make them feel pressured. Instead, he encourages them to play and practice for pleasure. He truly believes that being involved in music provides many skills that can be used in college and life.

The jazz band performed “Chameleon” by Herbie Hancock and many other hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Photo by: Mariana Searl

“I’ve always thought music was a great trainer for success in life by teaching [you] how to be responsible for your individual assignments and how they fit into a larger structure,” Moresi said. “The understanding of expectations, roles and hierarchy and the ability to dedicate yourself to the daily study of something.”

What Moresi teaches his students is how to be a good person inside and outside the classroom. Responsibility, teamwork and self-growth are skills he wants his students to take away from him.

Each musician has a part to play in jazz band, and when everyone plays their part correctly, a beautiful arrangement is heard.

Business sophomore Sydney Palmer decided to go to the concert spontaneously. She believes that getting to go to a free concert should be taken advantage of because, why not, it’s a part of the young adult experience.

The jazz band will rock a full show of holiday music, with many selections from the “Charlie Brown Christmas Special” at their next concert on Tuesday, Dec. 6, at 8 p.m. in the Williams Auditorium.