Keeping up with your health

ElevateU's tips for a healthy college experience

With colorful signs flooding the lower level of the David. L. Eisler Center, ElevateU put a spin on their wellness informational last week.

The event took place on Jan. 23 and focused on the eight pillars of wellness: environmental, social, emotional, intellectual, occupational, financial, physical and spiritual. Students were given the chance to explore each of the pillars, which had their own products that students were allowed to take home.

Graphic design senior Kelsie Scharp helped create some of the products students could pick up from the different pillars. Scharp was given creative freedom over the products.

“It took a lot of work,” Scharp said. “Everything that you see — the pens, the stickers — those all had to first be [design] concepted and designed and then actually sent off to get produced.”

Ben Avery (left) and Andy Slater (right) give mental health and wellness tips to students. Photo Courtesy of: Kelsie Scharp

Each of the pillars were accompanied by colorful signs that explained what students could do to make sure that they maintained wellness in that specific area. Some of the signs focused on the ways health directly impacts students, while others focused on how college experiences can impact students’ health.

ElevateU collaborated with members of different organizations on campus to help inform students about the pillars. Andrew Slater, Personal Counseling Center director and ElevateU counselor, informed students about the emotional pillar.

“Healthy boundaries with people, [and]  good work life balance,” Slater said in regards to what he believes students need to be successful. “I really encourage those to just… check in with themselves, take care of themselves, talk with their friends [and] go to therapy, you know, if that’s something that seems like it’s the right move for them. But just in general, … please don’t neglect your mental health, even though you’re super busy with everything else going on.”

Emotional health was not the only type of health ElevateU focused on, they presented physical health as well. This pillar of wellness was designed to help students learn about the recreational center on campus and personal training options. The sign promoting the physical pillar was adorned with statistics. One statistic informed students about how 30 minutes of jogging can help solve problems around ten percent more efficiently.

Welding technology freshman Tayjon Smith didn’t know about the event until he walked into the DEC. However, Smith found the information presented to be helpful.

“This will actually help… because I don’t really know what will be going on around,” Smith said. “And then [I] also went down to physical… I think I might actually take part in getting a personal training.”

While some of the pillars focused on health directly, others focused on ways to improve one’s health. The financial pillar focused on ways that students could eliminate their student loans by suggesting they apply for grants and scholarships or become an RA to obtain free housing.

Along with the financial pillar, the social pillar reflected how students could improve their social health. These suggestions included ways to socialize with other students, such as joining a registered student organization. The pillar explained there is a wide variety of RSOs on campus. The social pillar also suggested joining a study group. The pillar explained, by creating a study group, students can form connections and find support they may need.

In addition to the information provided by the eight pillars of wellness, students were offered products and handouts as an encouragement to put this information into practice. ElevateU provided students in attendance with complimentary snacks as well.

ElevateU will be hosting a Wellness Wednesday information table on Feb. 1 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. in the lower level of the DEC for anyone interested in learning about seasonal depression.