The Accounting Association kicks off their professional development series

Bulldog Means Business kicks off their first event with guest speaker Dean Logan Jones

The College of Business’ new dean, Dean Logan Jones, stood front and center at the first Bulldog Means Business event, where he spoke about professionalism, life and opportunities outside of college.

The Ferris Accounting Association and the American Marketing Association teamed up with Ferris’ College of Business to kick off their new professional development program, Bulldog Means Business. Students from various business programs came together to listen to Jones speak on the subject of workplace success. Many saw this as a great way to be introduced to the new dean.

Jones spoke on how he first got into business. He explained that the army was his first path, but, due to serious injuries, he had to move on. He then spoke about going back to college, which was hard for him because he never put his work first. He knew that needed to change. Jones spoke on this because he wanted to make the point that your first path may not be your last.

In future Bulldog Means Business sessions, different staff members will give presentations on workplace etiquette, and companies will visit to share what they want to see in an employee. Internship director Jennifer Njenga shared what Bulldog Means Business is expected to become.

“The idea behind this is to have a monthly workshop series that will build professional skills, whether it’s… talking about success in the workplace, resume workshops [or] networking, things that are relevant. Really [Bulldog Means Business is] not just for college business majors, but really whatever your major is when you’re going out into the world,” Njenga said.

Jones wants to make these sessions accessible and helpful for both students who have had professional jobs and those who haven’t.

“These sessions are going to be around helping people who have never been in or enrolled in consumer protection before and those of you that are. That is what I want to talk about today, some guiding things that I think will help you know how to get to the next level and how [to] keep going with this,” Jones said.

Photo by: Sienna Parmelee | Production manager

Computer information junior and AMA member Megan Lesch has high hopes for what Bulldog Means Business can be, and she is excited to watch it thrive. Lesch wants to see Bulldog Means Business put on events that cater to people with different personality traits.

“They are always altering different programs so they can reach all the needs that certain students have,” Lesch said. “I’m excited to see what they do working with different personality types in the workplace so students can get out into the real world.”

Jones wants Bulldog Means Business to branch out to more than just College of Business students.

“No matter where life takes you, you are going to have to learn certain skills that can help you along the way. Whether to increase your chances of moving up into a company or just even giving that right first impression. I want to make these sessions available to everyone to come in as they please,” Jones said.

Bulldog Means Business is looking forward to hosting more events like this to prepare students for the world after college.